Home Theater Roku 4 gets official with faster quad-core processor, 4K video support and remote finder

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Roku has finally made its refreshed media streaming box official. In addition to 4K video playback capabilities, the new set-top box packs a few neat surprises such as a remote locator.

The Roku 4 is powered by a speedier quad-core processor assisted by 1.5GB of RAM, up from just 512MB in the Roku 3. This allows the box to play back 4K streams at up to 60 frames per second. Buyers also get 802.11ac MIMO Wi-Fi, optical audio out, an Ethernet jack, HDMI port, microSD card slot and Wi-Fi Direct-enabled remote with voice search, headphone jack and the aforementioned remote finder function.

To use the function, simply press the button on top of the box which will cause the remote to emit a tone. This of course could be immensely helpful if you’re constantly losing your remote between the couch cushions or behind the bed.

The box itself is significantly larger than the Roku 3 so it’ll take up a bit more room on your home entertainment center or behind your television. Roku has also reworked the UI and upgraded it to 1080p quality. It’s also now easier to find content as the universal search function has been expanded to include TV shows, actors and directors.

The Roku 4 is available for pre-order starting today. It’s priced at $129.99 – up from the $99.99 price point of the Roku 3 – and will ship on October 21.

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Anyone hear anything about the remote sensor spec? I'm hoping they ditch the ad-hoc remote for something else since it would randomly drop the signal and I'd have to wait for a few moments before I could use it again.

What is Roku? Is it like popcorn time, but hardware version?
The Roku is a set-top streaming box, a la Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and anything else. You use it to stream services to your TV, such as Popcorn Time, Netflix, movie stores, and other homebrew channels.

You don't need to be a cord-cutter in order to benefit, just be interested in streaming media or local playback via direct connections of home servers. But if you already have a Smart TV, chances are this isn't needed as they have the same functions, albeit the Roku is likely snappier.


What can you actually stream at 4K video playback ?
Or is this more of a future proof feature?


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If you don't need 4K (and most people don't), then this won't be very exciting. 802.11ac is another another small plus, but probably not incentive enough to drop $130 for existing Roku owners. More horsepower doesn't really help with common services (e.g. Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Play) but it may help with local and local network media streaming apps (e.g. Plex).

Being a Roku and Plex user myself, I do have some interest in this. I actually pre-ordered one because I could use another Roku anyway. Otherwise.. not very exciting unless you've got 4K.


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What can you actually stream at 4K video playback ?
Or is this more of a future proof feature?
Netflix, Amazon and YouTube are probably the biggest sources for streaming 4K video at the moment. It's out there... even if the selection is limited.