Roku announces low-cost Walmart-branded versions of its soundbar and subwoofer

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Roku has announced more affordable versions of its smart soundbar and wireless subwoofer under Walmart’s onn brand.

The onn Roku Smart Soundbar is described as an easy way to add high-quality sound and streaming to your television. That’s right, inside the soundbar is a built-in Roku streaming player, eliminating the need for a standalone set-top box (should your television not have its own integrated smart platform).

Like the Roku-branded soundbar, the Walmart variant supports Dolby Audio, Roku Connect and Bluetooth and comes with its own wireless remote. Roku notes that automatic software updates will enable new functionality over time.

The onn Roku Wireless Subwoofer, meanwhile, is an optional accessory used to deliver deeper, richer bass tones. Simply plug it into a power source and pair it to your onn Roku Smart Soundbar to get started.

The onn Roku Smart Soundbar and onn Roku Wireless Subwoofer will be available exclusively from Walmart in the coming weeks priced at $129 each. Unfortunately, it’s not immediately clear what the difference is between the Roku-branded models and these Walmart variants. Presumably, it’s more than just branding as there’s a $50 price difference… we just don’t know what it is yet.

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Uncle Al

TS Evangelist
Yeah, I just don't understand these higher priced sound bars. I have a Logitech that I've found sounds better than two of the higher priced units that I ultimately returned to Amazon .....