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Roku's latest streaming players offer 4K at bargain-basement prices

By Shawn Knight · 9 replies
Sep 24, 2018
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  1. Roku on Monday added two new members to its streaming media player family with the addition of the Roku Premiere and the Roku Premiere+.

    The new streaming devices are virtually identical in appearance to the Roku Express – small, dongle-like boxes that connect to your television via an included HDMI cable. Both are powered by a quad-core processor, afford 802.11 b/g/n connectivity, Dolby and DTS Digital Surround pass-through over HDMI and offer streaming in up to 4K HDR quality.

    The Roku Premiere, the cheaper of the two at $39.99, includes a standard-issue remote with channel shortcut buttons while the more expensive Premiere+ comes with a voice remote with TV power and volume buttons.

    Roku is also taking the opportunity to boost the value offered by its most powerful and feature-packed player, the Roku Ultra. The device retains its same hardware specifications and price point ($99.99) but now comes bundled with a set of premium JBL headphones for private listening, a $39.95 value.

    Roku’s new Premiere streaming player is available to pre-order from today and will be available to purchase at retail in early October along with the new Roku Ultra JBL bundle. The Roku Premiere+, meanwhile, is a Walmart exclusive that’ll land in stores and online at Walmart.com early next month.

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    Last edited: Sep 24, 2018
  2. netman

    netman TS Addict Posts: 322   +101

    So, how much is Roku Premiere Plus?
  3. lanmansa

    lanmansa TS Rookie

    Is this simply a name change? I bought the Streaming Stick + over a year ago for around $60 if I remember correctly, and it also provides wi-fi connectivity with 4k support in a small dongle size connected directly through HDMI. Doesn't appear any different from what I can tell. Specs comparison to the current line up of products?
  4. hahahanoobs

    hahahanoobs TS Evangelist Posts: 2,543   +918


    I'm guessing the difference is 4K HDR and Dolby and DTS passthrough over HDMI.
    Kibaruk likes this.
  5. HyPeroxya

    HyPeroxya TS Enthusiast Posts: 86   +10

    Jbl speakers are siteh , so I cant imagine their $40 headphones are even "acceptable".
  6. fktech

    fktech TS Maniac Posts: 526   +138

    How is this better than a smart TV?
  7. MasterMace

    MasterMace TS Booster Posts: 84   +42

    Stream stick plus is better, it has 802.11ac, the premier+ is wireless N
  8. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,766   +1,160

    In my experience TVs with integrated OS tend to lag a lot, specially the cheap ones.

    The proprietary OS also tends to be more limited on regards to stream, I had a Samsung TV and I've tried a Vizio TV with smart functions and both were very laggy and had a ton of issues and had to fiddle with a million of settings to be able to stream from my computer into the TV (And non-successfully btw), I ended up getting a Steamlink device and I've loved it every second, I've found no need to stream from my phone to the tv as having a computer vs a phone is a no brainer (for me).
  9. ShObiT

    ShObiT TS Maniac Posts: 180   +166

    Far better, no lag and Dont have to worry about Netflix revoking the HD ability from years old Smart TV's.
  10. fktech

    fktech TS Maniac Posts: 526   +138

    Not mine. Samsung smart TV are very good at streaming.

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