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Sep 16, 2008
  1. Im currently using a BT voyager 105 usb adsl modem and wanting to connect my xbox to my connection i bought a router.

    BT voyager 210 adsl router? i bought it of ebay brand new the person said it was unlocked for AOL and various different ISP's but it seems the disc wants to install BT broadband before it wants to install the router? iv tried the (just router) installation from the BT website but it wont let me log onto AOL says cant detect connection.

    my question is, is there anyway to install this router and get it running with my current AOL?

    been searching and found this:

    can someone confirm that this is right? because i really dont want to bulls my internet up again :S
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    I'm guessing the router you bought is a DSL Modem/Router combo? If so, your ISP may not support a different modem then what they gave you. Check with your ISP on compatibility... You may also need to program the new router if you have a Static IP address or a user name and login. Best thing to do is call your provider and have them walk you through setup.
  3. Richard132

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    EDIT: wrong thread
  4. Richard132

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    wrong thread lol
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    let's clarify network components:
    1. the connection to the ISP uses a modem
    2. after the modem, you first use a router
    3. and may attach a switch or hub to the router
    *SOME* Modems also have router support.
    If your Modem has both USB and Ethernet slots, you can only use one or the other.

    *ONLY* a USB connected modem needs any software installed on your system
    (hint: use the Ethernet instead).

    So if you already have AOL, I assume that's a dial-up connection???
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