Samsung adds iPhone 5 to patent lawsuit, Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban lifted

Shawn Knight

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As promised last month, Samsung has filed a motion against Apple claiming the iPhone 5 infringes on several patents owned by the South Korean company. Cupertino's latest handset will be added to a pending lawsuit against previous iPhone, iPad and...

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2014? By then the iphone 5 will be old news and Apple will have all ready reaped the maximum profit from the device anyways.


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I love the way this works, The "judge" bans sales of the Galaxy tab wrongfully and Samsung lose lots of money but when Samsung files a suit against apple nothing gets banned in the meantime.

Hey on the bright side at least they are creating jobs for lawyers and lining law firm pockets to the brim with cash.
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Samsung has already won. They actually never lost anything. People forget that Apple has a deal with Samsung thats worth Billions, that no lawsuit can break or mess with. Even if Samsung loses(which is highly unlikely), they still won. Their name is so popular with all of Electronics even in Fridges and Washer n Dryers.
Lets not forget Apple doesnt actually make anything. Third party companies make everything for Apple. Just because a company doesn't like the licensing deal doesnt mean u can just use said hardware or software. Now their r fair trade agreements but if 2 companies cant agree then maybe they can work it out in mediation and not simply by suing as that doesnt actually help anyone and consumers at some point will be paying for it.