Samsung asks customers if they want to keep their Galaxy Fold orders, still no shipping...


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Following months of hype and anticipation, initial impressions of the Galaxy Fold were positive, but then everything started to go wrong. Several tech reviewers found that their units’ screens were breaking. In some cases, this was due to debris making its way beneath the display, though a few people caused the damage themselves by peeling off the protective layer, believing it to be a regular screen protector.

An iFixit teardown, which Samsung later requested be removed, revealed the Fold’s flaws. The review units were recalled, and the original April 26 launch date was postponed until the issues could be addressed.

On Monday, Samsung sent an email (obtained by Droid-Life) to pre-order customers informing them that their Galaxy Fold orders will be automatically canceled on May 31 unless they click a “Yes, I would like to keep my order” link. The company added that even if people do decide to keep their pre-orders, they are free to cancel them at a later date.

As for when we might actually see the Galaxy Fold arrive, Samsung says it is still “making progress in enhancing” the device. “This means that we cannot confirm the anticipated ship date yet,” it wrote. An AT&T email revealed that June 13 would be the new launch date, but that was probably just a placeholder—Samsung’s message certainly suggests the Fold won’t be released anytime soon.

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They are going to cancel the fold entirely. It's a good thing they didn't launch. That would be a public relations nightmare like the note 7 fiasco, and possibly worse considering the price is/was nearly 2k. This was an obvious attempt to be first just for the sake of being first and it's obvious that they rushed the development. They basically planned to use the first gen customers as guinea pigs for what should have been a prototype on the way towards the release of the phone, not a consumer device.
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The first few phones with this tech will be disasters, even if they do 'fix them'. In the real world when things get exposed to the elements, stuff breaks.
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Folding phones not working out in reality like they do as a concept? Imagine my surprise.

This just shows the current state of tech. Everything is rushed and unfinished, companies tripping over themselves to release a product. If Samsung actually took the time to adress these issues they wouldn't be the first or the second ones to release a foldable phone but it would probably work at least.