Samsung creates flash-friendly, open source file system: F2FS

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Oct 8, 2012
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  1. Samsung codesmith Jaegeuk Kim has submitted a new "flash-friendly" file system to the Linux Kernel tree. The new file system, coined F2FS (flash-friendly file system), is actually open source and is the embodiment of Samsung's efforts to develop a file...

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  2. noel24

    noel24 TS Evangelist Posts: 355   +203

    Of course they're showing M$ a middle finger. $5-15 x 10mln galaxyS/year alone. I'm no coder, but for $100mln a year, I would go to college to design exFAT replacement.
  3. zarajoe1

    zarajoe1 TS Rookie

    Sounds nice but as far as I'm concerned for phones FAT works just fine. Still more modern alternatives have to come out at some point. I also thinks its sad that these days we can't talk about anything new without being scared by patent wars. Such a shame
  4. MrAnderson

    MrAnderson TS Maniac Posts: 488   +10

    It is good to see a new file system that is optimized for Flash memory. Cannot weight to see the benchmarks and estimates of life span etc.
  5. The only trouble open source faces is hackable since the source is open to any hacker to examin an hack world wide. That is the best way to ensure that you get hacked.
  6. Kibaruk

    Kibaruk TechSpot Paladin Posts: 3,285   +901

    Yes, it works "fine" but fine is far from perfect.
  7. Actually, open source systems are more secure than proprietary systems. If you think otherwise, you simply need to do more research to educate yourself. Unless, of course, you're a Microsoft employee :).
  8. OpenBSD > Windows or OSX

    Can't even compare these on security.
  9. It's a common misconception, usually by people who aren't even programmers, that open source software is more hackable than closed source. The only problem is that reality doesn't reflect that theory.
  10. No, it does not work just fine. At all. There's a 4GB file size limitation, for one.
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