Samsung expects its fourth-quarter profit to drop 37 percent year-over-year

Himanshu Arora

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Samsung has announced that its fourth-quarter operating income dropped more than one-third compared to the year ago quarter. The announcement was made based on preliminary figures -- the company will release its full financial results later this month.

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This is what happens when a company bets all their chips onto a product lineup of smartphones.

Samsung back in 2011-2012 was the top dog smartphone, now it blends so well with the rest that it's just another smartphone. Every year each company tries to advertise their new phone with "MORE POWER MORE CORES MORE RAM BIGGER SCREEN MORE PIXELS!!!".

When all people truly want is just more battery life at a decent price.


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I was a fan of Samsung Mobiles until I realized that Their "TouchWiz" built over Android is causing too much lags & slows down all of their devices after a while even on high-end flagship mobiles. It seems that Samsung does not listen to customer's complaints regarding Touchwiz slowness. All they do is hardware enhancements such as increasing CPU cores, CPU frequency, RAM, display resolution (qHD), aluminium frame...etc & neglecting software refinement, smoothness & speed. I hear many people complain about how Samsung phones become slow after a while no matter how expensive they're. As a result; drop of sales is a natural result. Now, I think twice before buying a Samsung phone because of the bad & slow Touchwiz software that have inside.