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Samsung Galaxy Player devices coming to the US this spring

By Emil ยท 8 replies
Mar 16, 2011
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  1. As expected, Samsung has announced an expansion of the Galaxy Family of portable devices with the addition of the Galaxy Player. The device is the first in a new category of Android-based mobile devices that strip out the 3G and calling functionality of a Galaxy S phone. There are two models, one with a 4" Super Clear WVGA LCD screen and one with a 5" LCD WVGA screen, and both allow the user to enjoy games, music, videos, social media, and e-books.

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  2. In the future, do you mind using standard SI units instead of proprietary US/UK crap?
  3. SeiveD

    SeiveD TS Enthusiast Posts: 37

    Imperial units aren't any more 'proprietary' than SI. Last I knew they were both free to use. Secondly, this is about a product coming to the U.S., on a page written by people from the U.S., where most people read it are probably from the U.S. Using imperial unit makes perfect sense, and a hell of a lot more of it than "12.7 CM" does to me.
  4. thatguyandrew92

    thatguyandrew92 TS Rookie Posts: 118

    Finally some ipod touch competition (I am unaware if any exists atm)
  5. unrealmp3

    unrealmp3 TS Enthusiast Posts: 51

    We use the standard SI unit over here in Canada by the way.

    And there was Archos providing a similar device, but more competition wouldn't hurt.
  6. SeiveD

    SeiveD TS Enthusiast Posts: 37

    The thing I really like about this vs. the iPod aside from the fact that it doesn't use Apple's restrictive store and locked down devices is that it has GPS. Everything in one!
  7. doradhorror

    doradhorror TS Rookie Posts: 36

    What I need in a PMP is Tegra 3 to play 1080p matroska files with complete subtitle support and at least 10 hours of battery life. I would love to be able to drag and drop my anime on to it for bus rides to and from work.
  8. I love this... I would probably get the 5" if I knew it would properly fit into your pocket... otherwise I would get the 4" (I think that the iPod has a 3.75" screen, just 2 give u some reference). It would b nice to see some battery info... I've heard that the 5" has a 2500 but idk about the 4"... I'd say that the iPod is pretty crappy after all of the screen, battery life, and all of the features that u can't do. Especially I h8 how apple _takes_ advantage of people (my custom has 4.0 Ghz processeser quad core i5, 4 GB of RAM, overclockability & windows 7... not saying that windows is a good thing, its just better than apple's snow lepard, leapard wtever... for ~$1000 while you get a wimpy macbook 4 the same price and half a apple on the front of it) the iPod has wimpy speakers, and wimpy selection of speakers. Apples crying about google, amazon etc. and suiting them. As if they came up with the word "app" in the first place and as if they came up with the word "store". these are the most generic terms in the smartphone world! Just bcuz they popularized it doesn't mean they came up with it. GOODBYE APPLE, HELLO GOOGLE!
    thank u 4 reading this
  9. My bad APPS instead of speakers... sorry

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