Samsung launches its first 1TB notebook drive


TS Evangelist
Following in the footsteps of companies like Western Digital and Toshiba, Samsung has become the latest HDD manufacturer to launch a 1TB notebook drive. The Spinpoint MT2 crams three 333GB platters into a 2.5-inch by 12.5mm form factor, which is a bit thicker than the typical 9.5mm-tall laptop drive. That said, the Spinpoint MT2's dimensions on par with the competition, and it's most likely to be installed in desktop replacement notebooks, external enclosures, TVs, and home media systems where space is less of an issue.

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TS Guru
Well, this is nice, but i would've really liked to see Notebook Hard Drives like the Seagate Momentus XT. Coming from Samsung, i would've somewhat expected them to create some hybrid notebook hard drives as well. Oh well.