Samsung launches Milk VR multimedia service for Gear VR headset

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Dec 30, 2014
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  1. Samsung's Gear VR headset launched earlier this month but up to now, there really hasn't been much of a reason to pluck down $199.99 for the gadget as content has been scarce at best. Sammy is now addressing that issue...

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  2. suzook1

    suzook1 TS Rookie

    Only challenge is that if you are using a custom rom the VR wont work with the note 4 :(
  3. Samsung needs to create a version independent of a smartphone; meaning that the optics need to be built-in. I wonder what a 4k equivalent display would be when it's half an inch away from your eyes - like 800 dpi?? It probably wouldn't take that much horsepower since the optics can be circular (basically in the shape of a contact lens) and about 2 inches in diameter. Although I'm not sure what the optimal size would be for a perceived 360 degree view.
  4. TheLastPanda

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    I think you have optics and the screen confused. The headset does come with lenses built in and the note phablet provides the display.

    Even though the lenses are circular and in demos you see the image not taking up the whole display, it actually is still being rendered at native or higher resolution and then gets distorted in that shape to correct for lens distortion. You can listen to some oculus devs talk about it at 7:50 (YT link) and if you start a few minutes back they have a neat bit about the overhead of stereo rendering.

    For the 360 degree demo you do not have a 360 degee field of view with the optics at all, that is achieved by moving the image with headtracking.
  5. Kibaruk

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    How about building one version for computers! yay!

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