Samsung overtakes Apple as top semiconductor buyer in 2012


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Samsung has vaulted past Apple to become the world’s biggest buyer of semiconductors, according to new data from Gartner. The two were virtually tied for semiconductor purchases in 2011, but last year the scale tipped slightly to the South Korean...

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With so many iterations of the same product, of course they're going to order a lot of parts.*nerd*


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What kind of semiconductors does Samsung buy? I know they sell a lot of things but they make a huge amount of them too unlike Apple who has to buy nearly everything.


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Wow, nice price cuts from samsung in a nearby city.
prices of samsung s3 mini, samsung ace duos, samsung s advance, etc. are sliced by about 15%.
android 4.0.x are now almost 200$.

if only samsung and other android phone makers will release an android 4.0.x/4.x at 100-150$ range, then I'll get one (to accompany my cheap samsung galaxy y running android 2.3.6).
samsung galaxy s3 (openline) are also with ~50$ discount.

if samsung's rise continues, the more legal battle/drama we will see from samsung-apple.

I wonder if samsung is keen on producing low to high-end windows phone 8.


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Quality products at a fair price is always a fail safe way of attracting buyers but M$ has a minimum phone hardware spec for their operating system.