Samsung SCX 4521F printing problems


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I am not expert in pc printer problem fixing.Last week while printing ,the paper stucked inside printer and printer start beeping. I shut down the power and opend the front and back cover of my Mono Laster Samsung SCX-4521 X printer.
I gradually tried to pull out stucked paper,which tune into peices.Only way was to pull out all peices of paper. Then I power on this printer to print but it did not power on properly but start beeping.
I powerd off/on a few times but same beeping problem. I unscrewed /opened the printer from front and back side.Clean inside,with alcohol wipes and then assembled back to normal form.But still is not printing rather start beeping.
Kindly let me know your golden suggestion to fix this problem.Mini display window donot show any error message. Only date and time.Mono laser cartridge is one month old.