Samsung to release a high-end Tizen-based smartphone this summer

Shawn Knight

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Samsung is expected to release a smartphone based on the open-source platform Tizen as early as August according to Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business. The phone will fit into the high-end category alongside the company’s...

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So, when acer is looking for another "android-flavored aliyun", google twists acer's arm.
I wonder what happens next that the Samsung giant is climbing another beanstalk?


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I don't think Google have much leverage when it comes to Samsung. That is why Google has been trying to broaden its reach by having LG made this round of Nexus phones, and don't forget the 'X' brand in which Google is having to have a big say.

On Samsung's side, why should they continue to support Google's services for no financial benefit? Beside, the days of selling phones with top end hardware are nearly over, and software will be having a more central focus. This also means, the field may open up for others, whoever can innovate and bring compelling new ideas to the table, can win big. Probably that is one of the reasons why S4 isn't being touted as big a deal (lots of redundant features added for no real reason, unless Samsung is planning a big time departure from Android) as S3 was, and frankly, I don't see any compelling reason for an S3 owner to ditch it, and buy an S4, as the mostly noticeable difference will be the screen ......