Samsung to release free, multi-platform messaging app

Shawn Knight

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Samsung is planning to introduce a free text messaging application called ChatON at IFA later this week. In addition to supporting Samsung’s Bada OS, the cross-platform app will run on…

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Looks good, though we really need a standard in terms of messaging protocols. I like having lots of choices in clients though, and this looks quite good.


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I'd like to have a all in one service, at the moment, everyone seems to be using WhatsApp, and Viber seems to be the only one which does Voice over 3g and Wifi...

So if they decide to come in they better bring something a bit more substantial... ><


YES! samsung ran screaming away from their BADA OS after they've made it, by throwing shitty updates out that only made the phone worse to use, time upon time, but now they seem to give something back.. a PROPER messenging client! the one included on the phone only suppored AIM and some other nonsense.. cheers samsung, now i'm only 99% mad at you.