Samsung's 85-inch 8K QLED TV can now be pre-ordered for $15,000


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In brief: Back at August’s IFA event, 8K was the new buzzword. LG, Sony, and Sharp all had TVs on show that featured the incredibly high resolution, but it was Samsung’s Q900R series that really caught the eye. Now, the company has opened US pre-orders for the 85-inch behemoth ahead of the October 28 shipping date. If you want one, be prepared to hand over $15,000.

Samsung also had 65-inch, 75-inch, and 82-inch (below) versions of its Q900R televisions at IFA. But the largest 85-inch model, one of our top picks from the event, was particularly stunning. The company wasn’t prepared to reveal launch dates or prices at the time, though the flagship was expected to come with a five-figure price tag.

In addition to offering 16 times the pixels of an HD TV, the QLED television boasts the latest HDR10+ format and a massive peak brightness of 4000 nits, giving it incredible colors and sharpness.

Samsung is obviously pushing the Q900R’s 8K capabilities as its biggest draw, but there’s virtually no 8K content right now. The company says it gets around this issue with the TV’s Quantum Processor 8K, which can upscale content to an 8K resolution without the usual jagged edges and noise associated with the technique.

The Q900R also comes with Ambient Mode, which, when the TV isn’t being used, shows information such as news headlines, your photos, and patterns that match the background wall. You also get Bixby, voice commands, personal recommendations, improved sound, automatic mode detection (including for gaming), and more.

$15,000 is no small amount of money, of course. The 85-inch Q900R’s price is colossal, especially when you consider Samsung’s excellent 4K 75-inch Q9FN QLED costs around $6000 and has many of the same features. For those who simply must have the latest tech, Samsung is offering a payment plan of $416.70 a month for 36 months.

There’s still no word if or when Samsung will bring the other Q900R models to the US. They’re available to pre-order in the UK, with the 65-inch version going for £4999 (around $6474) and £6999 for the 75-inch (around $9064), making them a ‘cheaper’ option for early 8K adopters.

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Yep that 85" 8K Display is now on my wishful thinking list. I guess I should add to that wishful thinking list the hardware to be able to drive a display like that...:)


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$15,000 for a TV???
Are they crazy?!?
For that amount of money I have work, like, entire week!!


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I remember the first 4K were over 5K in price.

But my point is this OTA is at 1080i HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround. CBS/NBC/PBS where as FOX,/ABC are using 720p HD with Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround. Why in the world do I need 4K or 8K UHDTV now?

OTA = Over The Air - aka HD ANT
Today 80 channels some are still 480i SD. 8K wouldn't help much but HDR or Dolby Vision might make the picture less fuzzy or worst.

As for Samsung vs SONY

I won't buy Samsung products. I am only after SONY 75-inch sure I'll be force to buy 4K model. Also you need to bring a friend to get these sets into the house. I can left the box slid it on the stand with a hydraulic lift LOL... 85 or higher are very heavy. Samsung has too many class action law suits . SONY and Panasonic are more stable companies. Everything else like TCL, Element off name brands LG questionable brand (nickname Life is Good).