Samsung's reputation tumbles in the US following Galaxy Note 7 recall

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Samsung’s reputation was certain to take a hit following the recall of the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7. Now, thanks to the latest iteration of the annual Harris Poll Reputation Quotient which measures the reputations of the most visible companies in the US, we have some insight into where the South Korean electronics manufacturer stands in the eyes of consumers.

According to the poll, Samsung’s reputation in the US slid all the way down to the 49th spot. A year earlier, Samsung ranked third in the Harris Poll ahead of rivals Apple and Google. This year, Apple and Google finished in 5th and 8th places, respectively, while Amazon finished in the top overall spot for the second consecutive year.

Other noteworthy technology companies to make the top 50 list include Tesla at number nine, Netflix in the 18th position, Microsoft at number 20, Hewlett-Packard Company in 29th, IBM at 40, eBay at 41 and Sony in 42nd place.

Dell, Facebook, T-Mobile, Verizon, Yahoo, AT&T, Sprint, Dish Network, Time Warner, Comcast and Charter Communications all fell outside of the top 50 but within the top 100.

The Harris Poll ratings were compiled between November 28 and December 16, 2016, and based on feedback from more than 30,000 US adults. Since 1999, it has taken into account public perceptions across 20 attributes classified into six dimensions of corporate reputation: social responsibility, vision & leadership, financial performance, products & services, emotional appeal and workplace environment.

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Curious why Amazon would be at #1 with all the reports of employee unhappiness resulting in strikes, suicides, etc.


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I'm happy with Samsung. Who cares what other people believes as long my phone works right, 4K recording and makes calls whatever I hold it.... and I'm not in the States.


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You can blame all the social media clickbait that now has all users thinking anything with the name samsung linked to it is a time bomb.

maybe someone should let them know there are several samsung parts in their iphones? nahhh


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This is completely normal. They made a product that catches on fire and their reputation should be affected because of it. Imagine if everyone said that's perfectly fine, what good would that do?

Uncle Al

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Yep, they are going to have to work to earn the trust of people again. Certainly not impossible, but it won't happen without some effort on their part .....


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Like everything, it will blow over before long...

Agreed. That is, unless Samsung make another big mistake. Customers will easily forget the battery issue if samsung follow up with a killer phone.

Curious why Amazon would be at #1 with all the reports of employee unhappiness resulting in strikes, suicides, etc.

Walmart had similar issues and it turns out that many people don't care. People don't care that workers get paid poorly and are treated like thieves so long as they can save pennies on the dollar. You forget that the US elected Trump as president, the very picture of "I don't care about the plebs" white men.


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And the poll means what, oh wait nothing. As Samsung dominates cellphones globally. So they had a battery mishap, last time I checked tons of major PC manufacturers have these all the time, including catching on fire yet they still operate every day to day without a beat.
HP, Dell, Toshiba all have had these types of issues.

Samsungs business doesn't even come from phones. Phones is only a small part of their overall profit. The make bank in memory/chips.


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First time hearing a Harris Poll rating......

Uh.... so what if it tumbles down? What next? What?


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Samsung handled it correctly. My 2nd LG4 in less than two years just died and that seems normal. Where's the recall?