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Jan 15, 2009
  1. I got these screws with my case, and I have my MOBO on the way buy i'm not exactly sure what all this hardware is used for. The ones on the left are flathead on the top and there is a yellow zinc one, the middle ones I have no idea what they are for same for the bracket and twist ties. The ones on the right I think might be for the mobo.

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  2. tastegw

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    the goldish colored ones are the ones you put on your mobo tray (the metal your mobo sits on), be sure these are lined up to fit your mobo holes.

    then use the screws that fit inside those gold ones to fasten your mobo to the tray.
    be sure to use those cloth-like washers with these screws, its best to not have the metal from the screws touching the mobo.

    the other screws are probably for your drives. to place them into their correct drive slot. 5.25 for dvd/cd and 3.5 for the hard drive.

    that bracket thing, i have no idea, that may be for mounting something, just read your instructions.

    the zip ties are for wire management, use them to gatherup a cluster of wires and tie them neatly together.
  3. JamesPromIII

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    So the gold ones are used for possible installing a heatsink and fan, because i'm not exactly sure how i'm going to do that
  4. adweston

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    The bracket thing is for a lock on the back of the case. You'll see a notch in the chassis and removable side panel.

    The gold ones are motherboard standoffs. You'll see the holes for them in the motherboard backing plate in the case.

    The fine thread screws on the right are for cdrom/floppy/card reader. The coarse thread ones are for hard drives.

    The screws on the left are for fastening your motherboard down to those standoffs.
  5. JamesPromIII

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    For a socket 775 CPU do you need the screws on the back of the motherboard for the heatsink and fan?
  6. tastegw

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    take the heatsink and fan out of this conversation, that comes later.

    the gold screws like we said get screwed on your motherboard tray, the metal that your motherboard sits on.
    there are screw holes there, you have to place those gold screws in the proper holes.

    once that is done, you then place your motherboard so it sits on those gold screws, if they are lined up correctly, you can then take the silver screws that fit the gold screws and mount your motherboard down.

    after you have your motherboard mounted, then worry about your heatsink/fan

    this may help you understand what i typed

  7. adweston

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    That's awesome :D
  8. wesran

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    All of this info should be in your manual for both the MB and the case. As well as how to mount the CPU and heat sink.
  9. JamesPromIII

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    Thanks for the illustration GW :)
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