By macx
Sep 2, 2009
  1. Ran into something new, have heard of it but never experienced it.

    XP sp3, next-to-latest Firefox, NoScript, MalwareBites, Avira, Spybot S&D, SuperAntiSpyware.

    Have a small Photobucket account that's worked fine before, last time maybe
    couple weeks ago.

    Tried to upload something tonite, got a warning window that says

    "Potential Clickjacking / UI Redressing Attempt. NoScript intercepted a mouse or keyboard interaction with a partly hidden element." It recommends to keep the element locked.

    I scanned with everything I've got, found a few things, fixed them.
    Still happens.

    Is this a legitimate threat or maybe just something I need to "allow" in NS?
    (But then why would that have changed since I last used it?)

    Thanks for any advice!!
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