Security update restarts to be less frequent and intrusive in Windows 8

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft is working to minimize the number of system restarts required after automatic updating in Windows 8 and to make reboot notifications less intrusive. A new post on the company’s…

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I'm fairly certain that MS said something very similar when Windows Vista was about to release. I remember something about modules of the OS being segregated and capable of being restarted like a service so that if there is a security update affecting networking then the update can be applied and the module restarted. I guess what I'm getting at is I'm skeptical and will believe it when I see it. I'm the type that leaves my machines on all the time and have gone without rebooting for months at a time... unless a security update recommended it.


For the average home user, a restart is NOTHING to be upset about.
In business it is more of a concern, as people may be running jobs or need 24/7 access to
the PC.
I think this is overblown.

Per Hansson

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Well, I was at a conference in 2002 I think it was, Microsoft where speaking of Windows Server 2003 x64 and how much better it was versus Windows 2000 Server at not requiring restarts for security updates.

Right now my XP x64 machine (exactly same OS as Win2K3 Server, shares service packs and security updates) informed me that I needed to reboot my computer.
After installing a security update for the root certificate list... (KB2641690)
Enough said on this matter really ;)


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So, instead of allowing updated services to be stopped for a certain period of time to be updated, they're just going to release updates less often? Nice work, Microsoft. >.>