Sega's Alien games are on sale for a limited time on Steam

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Alien Day, similar to Star Wars Day, is observed by fans of the franchise each year on April 26. It is a reference to LV-426, the moon on which Aliens is set.

For a limited time, you can nab Alien: Isolation for just $2 on Steam – a whopping 95 percent off its normal $39.99 asking price. Optionally, the Alien: Isolation Collection includes a full complement of downloadable content plus the core game for only $12.49, a 75 percent savings.

The Alien Bundle, meanwhile, includes the entire Alien: Isolation Collection as well as the Aliens vs Predator Collection and the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collection at 80 percent off, yours for just $20.94.

A fun fact about Aliens: Colonial Marines – originally launched in 2013, the game shipped with a coding error that severely impacted how the AI behaved. A simple patch greatly impacts how the enemies respond and thus, improves gameplay tremendously.

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Thanks for the tip.

I bought the entire SEGA package for $21

I am playing Alien Isolation right now but I tried to start with AVP 2010 and there seems to be some kind of problem with direct X 11.

Do you know if there is a fix for someone using windows 10?


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