Serious problem after running super antispyware

By malkeiron
Jan 31, 2010
  1. Hello to everyone I am new so i hope that you will bear with me while i try to explain my problem. I opened an email from ups which has turned out its a virus i didnt get an email to warn me of this one. anyway i managed to use super antifpyware to scan the computer it found trojans and virus's which it said if i needed them removed i would need to restart comp for complete removal, this is what i did then upon restart it now loads windows xp goes to user sign in and when i click on my name it will not let me in it just keeps kicking me back out saying saving your settings. I have tried this in safe mode but the problem is still there. i did not have a windows disc when i bought laptop as it was second hand not new. can anyone please help me with this problem or am i going to have to throw it away and buy a new one. looking forward to some help from you good people.many thanks mal
  2. gbhall

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    Some viruses do exactly that. SuperA can and does remove one aspect of the virus, but there are other bits of it which simply put it back again during boot-up. It is often possible to eliminate the virus, but you need very specialised experience, and a specialised boot CD (typically UB4Win) to do it, sorry.

    Your best approach is a complete reinstall of Windows, for which you will need the original install media or (commonly with laptops) a hidden install partition to install from. No way should you need a new laptop though !

    Be aware that a reinstall, either by you or someone who helps you by using a retail install disc, will destroy any data you currently have on that laptop. If you have no backup, now you know why backups are essential. If you need something vital, come back and we will help you recover that first.
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