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Sims 2 Install problem, please help

By val123
Feb 14, 2010
  1. I recently got a HP laptop that has Windows 7. I tried to install my Sims 2 game, but it would always freeze around 56%. I tried cleaning the disc, but that wasn't the problem. I tried looking up solutions, and found about installing it manually. I did that, but it still wouldn't work. I think I found where the problem is though, I think it is in the "compression" foulder in disk 3 within SimData>Res>Sims3D and I think the problem is with the object package 07.

    So I tried to just install everything except that one package. But when it got to around 70% it would stop, and say "please wait" It would then seem as though it had all installed, but when I tried to play the game, it would crash before it could go to the loading screen.

    I really feel like I have tried to do everything, even trying to install it in safe mode, but nothing seems to work. So, I've come here in hopes of maybe finding out what could be wrong. I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me, and I'm sorry I wrote so much. :]
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