Sims 2 Install problem

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Dec 16, 2004
  1. chrli10

    chrli10 TS Rookie

    i have had the sims 2 installed on my computer before but my little sister deleted it. Now whenever i try to install it again it comes up as a non responsive program. I just wondered if anyone could possibly help me thanks charlie xx
  2. rayito

    rayito TS Rookie


    Well my problem is that when gets to 10% of installing say that have a problem with the folder 'TsData/Res/Sims3D/Sims13.package' well first i install it few months ago and was install correctly...but then have a problem with the directx I unistall the sims2....and now that im installing it again say that...please someone help me...i have been withouth playing it almost a month.....
  3. rudeboy252

    rudeboy252 TS Rookie

    Beyond frustrated

    I had the same problem. Plenty of threads on this one with no solutions.

    It's possible that it's a disk issues, but in my case it wasn't. I was able to successfully install the game on one computer but couldn't on another. One was running Windows XP, the other Windows XP 64.

    Tried imaging with DAEMON Tools and Alcohol 120, but no luck. Then someone suggested unpacking the files on each of the cd's and repacking them into a single file.

    I was getting CRC errors when I tried uncompressing the files under WinXP64, so I tried with a 64-bit archiver (Power Archiver), but no luck. So I decided to unpack the files on my other computer where the game installed fine and then repackage them on my XP64 machine, and to my surprise everything worked.

    Not sure whether the problem was due to copy protection, Windows XP64, EM64T/DualCore, or SATA-II drive, but those are essentially the only differences between my two machine configurations.

    Here's what I do know though... in my case:

    1) It was not the CD's. The same CD's worked fine in my other machine.


    2) It was not my DVD drive. I used the same exact DVD drive in my other machine.

    I'm curious now, how many other people who are having this problem are using XP-64 or SATA-II drives?

    The reason I'm asking is because I've encounted similar problems installing other games (Tomb Raider Legend, and Half-Life 2) on this machine. It wouldn't surprise me if these were XP-64 or SATA-II issues, but this has been a pretty reliable machine apart from the few issues I've had with these games.
  4. rayito

    rayito TS Rookie

    either i think that is a problem with the cd...(game)
  5. Pagal60

    Pagal60 TS Rookie

    Another Sims 2 Problem with Installation

    I installed Sims 2 before Christmas. I played it and everything was peachy. I haven't had time to play again until recently. Now it doesn't work. I still have the same pc but get that darned direct X error and the game won't open. I uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. with no success. I have my summer off from work and would love to play it again. Can anyone help me? I obviously have all the requirements or it wouldn't have played in the first place.
  6. killak

    killak TS Rookie

    sims 2 game play problem

    I install the game and evrything is ok..then when the loading screen comes up it stops and a message comes up saying there is a windows error and some interior problem i dono what to do can someone tell me how to fix it.
  7. epf3286

    epf3286 TS Rookie

    I am having some very similar problems with my Sims 2 download. As soon as I reach 73% this pops up:
    A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'D:\TSData\Res\Sound\Voice2.package' from the media.
    Do you want to retry to copy the file, or cancel the installation?

    I have tried retrying over and over but it doesn't help. I am only an amateur computer person so PLEASE HELP!
  8. snakeshadlegs

    snakeshadlegs TS Rookie


    i stayed up ALL night to try to fix this stupid problem. anyone have the problem with the directX 9.0c thing? yeah well I did. i already spent $5 on crap, and it didn't even work. i installed directX 9.0c from a website and i installed nvidia geforce2 mx

    i have a windows xp

    WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!?!??!?!
  9. Mo Dubs

    Mo Dubs TS Rookie

    Sims 2 is weird i finally got it to work cause i cleaned up my comp ( wipe out evreything) sims 2 was the first i installd it worked but many many problems happend. so i just didnt play it and uninstalled it.
  10. masta fuji

    masta fuji TS Rookie

    Sims 2 Disk 2 error

    Trying to install Sims 2, i succesfully installed disk 1 and at 23% i was asked to put in disk 2. I did so, clicked ok, but nothing hapend... drive flashed a few times but the install hangs :confused: Tried tooth paste (which worked well with disk 1) but disk 2 still doesn't read. Ideas? Thanks
  11. quitpickingonme

    quitpickingonme TS Rookie

    hey someone please help, ok i try to install the sims2 nightlife on my comp it goes all fine and dandy until it gets to 25%(sometimes 26) then it comes up with

    when it's actually installing the game it gets to around 32% and gives me this error

    "A problem occurred when trying to transfer TSData\Res\Sound\Voice1.package Do you want to retry top copy the file or cancel the installation?

    i've tried so manytimes and it still wont work. i've cleaned the CD don't work. then the dvd drive goes spaz could that be the problem...??? i don't know but it work on two other computers fine. can anyone help please.....
  12. rayito

    rayito TS Rookie

    jesus christ!!!! i have the same problem i cant resolve it for months!!! i think that the best thing to do right now is to change the game for a new one with the garanty is almost 6 months that i havents play so mad pay almost 60 dollars for this game and it doesnt work!!!!!!!!!!!!!Its keep saying the same **** have a problem transfering the folder 'TsData/Res/Sims3D/Sims13.package' i retry it but nothing i erase all the folders of the sims 2 in the pc but nothing...please someone help me but say it in easy words please!!!lol
  13. Cocobean

    Cocobean TS Rookie

    I'm trying to install Sims 2 and seem to be havaing similar problems to you lot. It keeps freezing anywhere between 19% and 26% and sometimes comes up with an error message like the ones above. I don't think I have any virtual files on my computer so I don't know what is wrong. Can anyone help?
  14. harrier125

    harrier125 TS Rookie

    The Sims 2 installing problem

    Ok i have the sims 2 and i have previously installed it but i un installed it for other game space but now i want to install it agian so i was installing it to D:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 and it started to install with no problems then it came to 10% downloaded and it came up with this:
    A problem occured when trying to transfer the file 'TSData\Res\Sims3D\Sims13.Package' then it comes up with retry or cancel and it dosent work if u press retry so im not sure what to do have any ideas what may be causing it?

    thanks if you reply if you need any more
    information just ask me.
  15. lysiara420

    lysiara420 TS Rookie

    I am so pissed off right now, cant install sims 2

    My bf recently bought sims as a gift for me, this is our 3rd attempt after going and getting 3 seperate copies of sims 1 and 2 and still wont install

    I get to the second disc of sims 2 about 42 percent of the way in and I get this error message

    ts\data\res\sim3d\objects09.package cannot be installed from media

    Do any of you good people out there lend me a hand please? As of course all EA has to say is mail us your copy along w/ $20 and we might send you a copy that works
  16. heyzeus81

    heyzeus81 TS Rookie

    Installation solution

    The easiest way to install sims2 is to start windows in Safe mode when you start windows(press F8 when you start up). When you do this none of the virtual drives are launched and you should be able to install the game without any problems.
  17. thargian

    thargian TS Rookie

    Try copying the CDs to hard disk

    I've just spent an annoying evening getting round this problem - hopefully this might save someone else the same pain!

    Tried to install Sims 2 on my daughter's new laptop - install freezes just after its asked for CD2 on 23% accessing TSData\Control\control1.dat. Great! This machine is for her to use at university and it seems running Sims 2 is way more important than its use for any coursework.

    I don't have any virtual disk drives and I know the CD's not corrupted - it installs fine on another PC.

    After much hunting, and finding many unfortunates in the same boat, but no solutions, I eventually found this link on the EA support site:*&p_li=&p_topview=1

    The final suggestion on there is talking about Sims 2 University, but it works for base Sims 2 as well.

    - Create a folder called 'Disk Images' in the root of the C: drive - the folder name (with a space) is important apparently.
    - Within this, create 4 other folders called 'Disk1', 'Disk2', 'Disk3', 'Disk4'. (no space between Disk & number - again the name has to be exact)
    - Copy the contents of the 4 install disks to these folders
    - Remove all CDs and install by launching 'autorun.exe' within the 'Disk1' folder.

    Worked a treat for me. After you've installed you can delete 'Disk Images' of course, to reclaim disk space.
  18. sarah011

    sarah011 TS Rookie

    Installation freezing at 38%. HELP!

    I am trying to download University onto my computer, but when it is downloading, it stops at 38% (The file name of TSData/Res/Sound/Voice2).

    I have read all of the solutions to this kind of problem but none apply as:

    a) I do not have ANY virtual drives
    b) The same thing happened when i was trying to download NightLife, and it stopped at the same filename. I overcame this problem by getting a new disk, and it worked just fine.

    It surely cannot be just a coincedence that both of the disks were damaged in the same place/way?

    If anyone has an idea what is the problem, could they please help (however, I do not understand very technical computer language, so could you please try to keep it simple?)

    Please help?

    Sarah x
  19. MagnoliaFan

    MagnoliaFan TS Rookie

    I solved it.. well on my computer at least..

    Hey guys im new to this forum, and i recently downloaded sims 2 Nightlife.
    I encountered the control1.dat error that froze the installation at 56%, i was stumped, after searching around for a few days i came here. you information has helped alot, but i have solved the problem.

    I mounted both CD's in alcohol 120% (most likely work in daemon).
    I realised this because control1.dat is in the 2nd Cd, and the installation wasn't telling me to insert cd2.

    So increase you virtual drives to 2, mount both images in different drives, then install the game. This should solve the problem of control1.dat and other missing files.

    Take care
  20. jessminger

    jessminger TS Rookie


    Hi... I Bought The Sims2 When it very first came out therefore my garrauntee/waranty has expired so i cannot change the game. when i first bought it the game worked and installed perfectly.. my computer had to be wiped clean and i never installed the sims2 computer got wiped once more and now i try to install the sims and get the error message ... TSData\Sims3D\Sims13.package ! i have tried toothpaste, warm soapy water i have no virtualdrives or anything i have tried copying the files from the cd and tried installing the game on safe mode.:mad: please can somebody help me as i really want to play the game and have recently bought all the add ons! thanks x:)
  21. nancyt123

    nancyt123 TS Rookie

    My Disk3 Is Really Scratched Up And I Don't Think Cleaning It Will Help..

    Can I Download This Disk Anywhere And Do A Manual Installation?? Or Download The File That's Not Installing..

    TSData/Res/Objects/Objects8 (Something Like That)
  22. pissedoffatEA

    pissedoffatEA TS Rookie

    this isn't related to any of the things i've read but i installed the sims open for buisness a couple of days ago then installed university yesterday and it completely deleted everything related to open for buisness and when ever i go to my shop the game crashes after i try to use one of the options that you get with open for buisness, this is even more annoying for me because i lost $4000000 worth of toys and equipment that was in my shop!!!
  23. vdivvu

    vdivvu TS Rookie

    I have a different problem installing sims 2.
    The installation goes fine and i go to the cd crack folder and then replace the exe file with the crack file but to no avail.

    After i'm done with that,when i try to start the game it gives me an error box with no message on it.I've tried re-installing it several times with the same result.Can somebody help me out?

    i have a great configuration on my dell laptop with 1gb ram and 120 gb memory and i have a core duo proc.I just don't know what the problem is.

    I even downloaded the patch file from the sims website but then it continually says that i need to install the sims2 dvd which i keep doing and get no result.

    Please help i really want to play sims 2.can somebody tell me the patch file size for sims2?
  24. bowwowzpyt

    bowwowzpyt TS Rookie

    The Sims 2 installation problem

    I need help with installing my sims 2 game

    Everytime i try to install it it gets stuck at 23% at TSData/Control/control1.dat it gets really annoying and i really want to play so could anyone help me and I'm not good with computers so explain it as simple as you can :wave:
  25. genchen

    genchen TS Rookie

    The code is on the back, bottom left hand corner of the instruction manual that comes inside the box, the only white box on the actual CD case is the barcode
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