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Sims 2 Install problem

By merclogic ยท 167 replies
Dec 16, 2004
  1. wibamuftw

    wibamuftw TS Rookie

    I have a problem not listed.

    I installed the sims 2 double deluxe about three months ago, decided to buy apartment life recently, and have been playing it for like two weeks. Yesterday my sims game stopped working properly. It would take forever to load when I would try to continue my game, and when it finally loaded, the menu wouldn't show up and my sims would just stand there frozen. And it would allow you tell them what to do and move around the screen but they would just stand there, and all you could hear is the sound effects of the birds in the background.

    After I got annoyed with trying everything I could, I uninstalled it. When I tried to reinstall it, it gets to about 2% and then something pops up and says "A problem occurred when trying to transfer the file 'E:\support\EA\Help\Cz\Crash_Issues2.htm' from the media. Do you want to retry to copy the file, or cancel the installation?"

    I'm thinking what the problem might be is I downloaded something off of exchange on the website and it must've been bad or something. But I figured if I deleted all of the files and uninstalled it and everything it would've went away. Everything else on my computer works just fine so I'm sure I have no viruses. I might just have to buy the game again, maybe it's corrupt?

    I don't know, but I'd appreciate some help haha.
  2. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 377   +6

    Hi there, welcome to Tech Spot~

    So, i'd start by first off saying that sims 2 is a horrible game to install :p no, its a good game but the installation process gives so much nightmares to people its unfathomable.

    Down to business. If you are having problems installing the game then i doubt it has anything to do with the custom content that you downloaded on the website. That would be most likely due to maybe your disks being a bit dirty? My advice would be trying to image these discs on your computer if you have the space to do so. It could also be an issue with your computer's optical drive being old but i wouldn't know for sure. You could rule out the possibility of scratched and smudged up discs though if you try installing the game from images instead.

    You'd want to use Alcohol 120% to image the discs to your computer, then mount them using alcohol as well to try and install them from there. Note though that alcohol isn't free and i'm not aware of the limitations of the trial version but of course there are ways i shall not mention of getting private copies.

    I would think its only necessary to use Alcohol 120% if you own the CD version of Sims 2. However, if you own the DVD version, try IsoBuster and mount using something like Daemon Tools Lite (Both are free software) and it should work fine. This is because the CD version has SafeDisc v4 copy protection, and as far as i'm concerned, disc copy protections don't quite exist on DVDs (except movies probably)

    Regarding ingame, may sound stupid of me but maybe you have the game paused? or maybe you or some other person playing sims 2 on your computer used a cheat code that can pause up everything?

    Oh and another thing about the discs is that if you have another computer available it would also be a good thing to test if it installs fine on that other computer.
  3. wibamuftw

    wibamuftw TS Rookie

    Haha, I did that and it totally worked, thanks :p
    I just wonder why it even messed up in the first place. My computer is new I bought it in February so I don't think it has anything to do with my system.
    But thanks =]
  4. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 377   +6

    lol okay no problems have fun ^^
  5. sierra54403

    sierra54403 TS Rookie

    I have the same problem

    I have been having the same message popping up on mine. except mine does it at 5%. This is the message if you dont know what im talking about

    "A problem occurred when trying to transfer 'TSData\Res\Sound\Voice1.package' from the media
    Do you want to retry to copy the file or cancel the installation?"

    I looked in my programs thing and I found 2 drivers. One is NVIDEA Drivers and if I try to uninstall that it just re-installs it.. I think its my video card.
    The other driver is Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and it does the same thing. That is for my speakers I believe.
    Im so frustrated right now.. I also bought the sims 3 and the thing wont even pop up to start installing. I called EA and they said take it back to the store and the store wont even take it because its been openned. Im really starting to not like EA games. Somebody please help!?!?!?!?
  6. HaMsTeYr

    HaMsTeYr TS Guru Posts: 377   +6

    it has nothing to do with your video card or audio drivers... You need to check if your disks are dirty, then try using some cd cleaners with your disc reader... Transfer failure is either due to a dirty (fingerprint) or scratched disc, or the Lens on the cd reader is dirty.
  7. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 401

    Try this

    There's a fix on here the non full site version of this.
    Hope it helps.
    I've got no idea if this works, just so all of you know.
  8. jnefnier

    jnefnier TS Rookie

    hi, im having trouble installing sims 2 deluxe, when i first put it in my disc drive it came up with insert disc one, it was already in there, and now it wont even come up with that it spins then stops then nothing ive treid everything ive been into my computer and it is dvd compatible this is the second disc that wont work properly. please help.
  9. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 401

    Disc drive

    Are you putting it in the right disc drive?
  10. jnefnier

    jnefnier TS Rookie

    yes, i only have one disc drive
  11. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 401

    That Disc

    Is the disc dirty?
  12. jnefnier

    jnefnier TS Rookie

    no not a scratch.
  13. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 401

    The Drive

    Does the drive need to be replaced?
  14. lorixmichelle

    lorixmichelle TS Rookie

    Trouble installing the Sims 2

    I was unable to download the Sims 2 regularly so I tried copy and pasting everything manually and all four disks copied fine except for the "compressed" folder on disk one.
  15. HannahNeedsHelp

    HannahNeedsHelp TS Rookie

    Im begging please help

    i downloaded sims castaway stories onto my computer..everything was fine and i could play on it.. i gave the game to my sister and she tried to download it onto her laptop but when shes downloads itit doesnt come up with launch the game it just keeps saying that the game isnt installed when it is.. we cannot get on the game and we have tried reinstalling it and unisttalling it and reinstalling it again.. but we still cannot get onto the game PLEASE HELP....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. sberry29

    sberry29 TS Rookie

    Hi, I just joined a few minutes ago seeking help with yet another Sims 2 installation problem.
    I had just bought the game brand new at Wal-Mart, put the disk into my drive and nothing at all happens. Ugh. I'im downloading a new version of DirectX since a couple sites have suggested that for me, and I meet all the requirements on the box, I don't know what's going on..Help!
  17. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,254   +539

    HannahNeedsHelp, downloading and installing are two different things. So just to clarify, after downloading did she actually install the game AND does her laptop meet the minimum requirements of the game, especially the graphics "card"? What are her laptop specifications?

    sberry29, although you say your PC meets all the requirements, what are your PC specifications?
  18. usama321

    usama321 TS Rookie

    no cd carck for seasons

    hey please can someone tell me where can i download no cd crack for the sims 2 nightlife mac
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