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By vis12345
May 10, 2016
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  1. Here are some basic important feature requests/bug fixes:
    1. There must be a staff list, admin list, moderator list in community for proper contact to fix issues in less period of time.
    2. There must be a visible search option in all thread pages and categories in community for faster navigation to relevant topics/posts. It is currently hidden in Top Blue Bar under "Forums".
    3. Please make Edit option always enabled in older posts/threads. Remove time based limitation. It'll make the forum spam free, helps to correct false/outdated information and also reduce the workload to moderators.
    4. The Indian version is a mess. Why we need a big mess with Techspot? We could make Indian edition as a link and US/UK edition as default Global. If people want to visit Indian site, let them click on "Global/Worldwide/EN/English/English-US/English-UK/United States/United Kingdom/..." and choose India/EN-IN/English-India/..." to visit Techspot local versions.
    5. In Indian version, the login system is a buggy and confused. The login is asking a different sign-up which is indiatimes login and it'll link with other TIMES Network sites. This is very bad move. Where is respect to privacy? We don't need TIMES network login. We just need Techspot Global/EN_US?UK Edition login which is much better and simple.
    6. In US/UK Edition, few weeks earlier and even now, I couldn't login through the hover login on the top-right, got error occurred dialog. However, if I click the "Login" and redirected to Login page, I was able to successfully login. Please fix, if not yet done.
    7. Create Dark Theme & provide a choice to select - applicable for community login only.
    8. Add Edit & Delete option in single conversation replies without time limitations.
    9. Why there is a flash plugin requirement for community pages? Please remove it.
    10. Add Preview option while hover over the topic name and latest reply in all the categories. It'll help avoid wasting time in opening unwanted/irrelevant thread to what the member/readers are looking for.
    11. Please don't close threads without any reply. It has to be attended and answered. If any found, move the thread to top of the list in respective categories which will help get the issue/query/request answered.
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  2. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,005   +2,532

    Don't you think it's monumentally presumptuous, to expect staff to drop everything, and re-engineer the site to suit your whims and demands?

    AFAIK, "Techspot India" isn't completed yet. So, patience would be in order.

    You've been a member for close to 6 years, and made 58 posts. So, exactly what value can you place on your participation in the community, which would enable you to generate this level of hubris?

    And no, I won't be clicking "like" on this, or any future post you might make.

    BTW, they've made it much easier to close your account here. Jus' sayin".
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  3. vis12345

    vis12345 TS Booster Topic Starter Posts: 72

    I'm aware of that. However, it is not good move to push the testing site as default for Indian Users. They have to change it as an option until everything gets in order. This is the same reason I meant in main post. I think you were reading that with a bad intent/in a hurry.

    That Like comment is the signature. I'm not asking you, since you don't encourage the true facts and suggestions. Only for those who find my posts[not just this thread] helpful/informative can Like it instead of spamming like you with duplicate posts.

    Number of posts and years of being a member doesn't count for providing suggestions. Even if I didn't write more posts, I was a reader of Techspot & its community. So, I'm aware of the forum. I'm not just a member of this forum. I'm contributing to & moderating many forums/sites across the world. Lesson for U: Don't treat any member/person with low attitude. They might be good in something which you are novice.

    If you didn't read my complete signature[some of it is hidden below the line], then read it and then please edit your comment accordingly.
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  4. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,005   +2,532

    Let see if I can put it to you in a way you'll understand. First of all, your "demands", are outlandish by any standard of etiquette.

    You want a new theme, the edit time limit option has already been removed, and as for what amounts to self bumping dead threads, I say, "go fish". Then there's Flash, if the rest of us can suffer with Flash, so can you. In fact, I have it disabled, and get around the site just fine.

    But more importantly, "Techspot India" is, as I stated earlier, a work in progress. So, how can you manage to complain bitterly about something, before you know what it will eventually become?

    The staff is already aware of login issues with TS India, and are working to correct it. Some of those concerns were answered here:

    And well, my same advice still stands, use a proxy until they get it fixed..

    I'm not editing anything. I removed my accidental duplicate post. Staff can remove this, or any of my comments they so choose.
    And like I mentioned before, what posts are those? As for the "likes", good luck with that.

    So Techspot needs revamping simply because you read it?
    No, here;'s a lesson for you, the fact you're a contributor and moderator in other places, doesn't hold sway here. And "U" is spelled, "y-o-u". Also, I know what I need to to get around a PC.


    I'm saying, if all your "suggestions" were acted upon, it would pretty much amount to a major rewrite of the site's software.

    Staff has always responded to any and all of my concerns quickly, as well as those made by others. I'm suggesting you should dial your "concerns" back a couple of notches, in the name of international cooperation.
    Last edited: May 10, 2016

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