Skype began really dominating international calls in 2010

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Jan 7, 2011
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  1. Skype is now by far the largest provider of international voice-based communications. Skype's growth rate outpaced that of international phone traffic in 2009. It further skyrocketed in 2010, growing by 45 billion minutes, according to research firm TeleGeography. To put that into perspective, as you can see in the chart below, that is more than twice the volume added by all the world's phone companies combined.

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    OUTLAWXXX TS Rookie Posts: 51

    I'm making sure to buy stocks in Skype when they are publicly offered...
  3. treeski

    treeski TS Evangelist Posts: 990   +233

    I'd be surprised if anyone is surprised :p
  4. Duhhhh.....

    Have you seen the International rates that AT&T and other big companies charges now days?? You have to take out a second mortgage just to dial a number.
  5. fpsgamerJR62

    fpsgamerJR62 TS Rookie Posts: 489

    I hope Skype stays around for a long, long time. Skype helps the members of my family stay in touch constantly even though we are spread over 3 different countries.
  6. siiix

    siiix TS Rookie Posts: 29

    skype ?! LOL now thats something i haven't heard for years, people still use that, thats what the hell :)
  7. siiix

    siiix TS Rookie Posts: 29

    and at&t ? i assumes they long out of business by now :) guys why would anyone one any of those services, there are alternatives in north america and europe now for over a decade, my mobile company is cheaper now then skype :) and for land line there is always gazillion of VOIP providers witch cost fraction of skype and even have local phone numbers for near nothing and nothing, its insane that people are still so behind the times :)
  8. Sorry but the picture says Skype-to-Skype... Haven't noticed that I have to pay for that. :O
  9. shame that here in Dubai they still block calls to landlines and every once in a while block the skype-skype traffic as well!
  10. Only one problem with Skype. Calling itself is the obsolete way to communicate

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