Slick new robot hero Echo lands on the Overwatch roster next week

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Blizzard announced it is adding the 32nd hero to its Overwatch roster on April 14. The AI robot named Echo first made an appearance at Blizzcon 2018 at the end of a Jesse McCree short film. Its next appearance was in Echo's origin story, which debuted last month.

"The 32nd Overwatch hero is a cutting edge multirole adaptive robot created by Dr. Mina Liao to perform different functions that help humanity and is fully equipped for combat," says Blizzard.

Echo's battle gear includes a triple-shot blaster, sticky bombs, and a focusing beam that deals high damage to targets with less than half health. However, it is Echo's Ultimate that is the icing on the cake. Called "Duplicate," Echo can target an enemy and gain the use of its abilities, including its Ultimate.

Echo is a feminine-looking robot created by Dr. Mina Liao. Done up in white with blue accents, Echo would fit right in with all the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller comparisons that have been making the rounds. If the DualSense and EVE from WALL-E mated, Echo could be the offspring.

Echo is currently running around on the Overwatch PTR (public test realm) server if you want a sneak peek. Otherwise, players only have five days to wait until Echo debuts in the game proper on April 14.

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"Echo can target an enemy and gain the use of its abilities, including its Ultimate"

Never in my life has any villain or hero with the ability to copy been considered interesting, fun, or cool. It's just lazy AF.


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Overwatch numbers are taking a dive but not like they had high numbers in the first place, what they had was inflated with shitty tactics. Even OWL MVP pro player said he's gonna stream Valorant from now on.