Slow browser failing to load pages on tablet


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Hi there!

Straight to the point:

Tablet specifications:
- Manta Tablet PowerTab 10" HD MID1001
- CPU - Cortex A-8 1.5GHz
- GPU - Mali-400
- 3D OPEN GL V2.0
- Ram 1GB
- Android ver. 4.0.4
- compile number - crane_axmid-eng 4.0.4 IMM76D 20120803 test-keys
- kernel 3.0.8+ anpei@ubuntu #52

- slow page load (if any!) - tested on default browser, chrome, opera, opera mini, etc etc
- no reaction for stopping loading pages

- not a router problem (802.11n WPA2/AES)
- other android devices working well on that hotspot
- Google Play working well on tablet, no lags, no interference (same other online soft - skype etc)
- tried system restore, default settings, changing router settings

Techspot is my last hope. Help me! ;)


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Download a terminal emulator, do some pings.

Check the advanced setting for the Wifi, there may be some weird DNS entries or something.


Could easily be the website itself being ignorant of portable media requirements.
Beginning to study this area myself and there are many adjustments required to make a page that displays well on a PC also work on an iPhone, iPad or Tablet. It can be so monumental as to best solve the issue on the website by redirecting to a specifically crafted alternative web page.

An example of the portable media performance issues are the recommendations to
  1. place all scripts into one file and load it just before the < / body > tag
  2. place all stylesheets into one file and load it at the top
  3. reduce all graphics to smaller sizes or eliminate them altogether
  4. remove graphic adverts and replace with textual versions or eliminate them altogether
At this stage of portable device deployment, relative few sites serve content well to portable devices.


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But on phone browser (xperia x10 mini pro, android 2.1.1) pages are loading normally at the same wifi.

I'll ping some sites, but with no hope. I'll be in touch.


Yea, the problem is iPhone <> Android <> iPad <> tablet and each stinking device is difficult to deduce.

The problem is exactly like the Browser War sniffing that started back when Netscape had feature that IE did not and conversely.
So if the website attempts to sniff the type of mobile device and fails to find it precisely, it drops into whatever the code default might be.

Try a test for your self looking carefully at what is being shown to you
Pick a URL and access it on your Android, get the same URL in your pc browser of choice and then compare both to the final result you see on the tablet.

I suspect you should see (if it has sensitivity to mobile devices)
  • a complete page in the browser with graphics et all
  • should see much much less in your andriod
  • and the tablet should be somewhere in between
Now if all three are very similar (in content, not layout) then the site has NO sensitivity to mobile devices at all
and if the browser page is like the tablet but the android is smaller, then the mobile sniffer failed.


That may work but - -
if the agent string is the means for controlling the presentation AND the website has done it right for mobile devices​
(hint: the list of strings is ~2x as browser strings),​
the proper presentation would have been delivered.

I am guessing that
  • (a) it isn't done at all or is incorrect,
  • (b) the default webpage is being downloaded with everything present and thus far too much and poor performance.

I would like a URL from the poster that is causing the reported symptom so as to see the internal html source code.


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Maybe you are holding your tablet wrong. :)
(remember the iphone antenna fiasco?)

try to re-orient your tablet in relation to your wireless router and hold it securely at different portions to see for wifi signal degradation.

try to see if you have some "battery-saving apps" and turn it off temporarily.

try to use maxthon browser, available free from android market/google play.