Slow start up, usb ports not working after power outage

By Saaber ยท 4 replies
Mar 13, 2010
  1. HDD health was 88%
    Reset BIOS, didnt work.
    after the xp loading screen, a black screen comes up for about 1-2 min.
    Desktop is rly slow, then after a short black screen 1-2 sec. speed is normal(ish)
    Computer usage 100%.
    Most things run very slowly.
    mobo done?
    someone said i should change the ram sticks, and that they are causing the slowness and usb problems after an outage?

    Its happened three times, first time, downloading xp service pack 3 helped.
    second i just left it to sit for a week, then my laptop HDD gave up and i tried to hook up the PC again, no go. waited a day, tried again, works.
    Then another power outage yesterday and im clueless.
  2. linktriscuit

    linktriscuit TS Rookie

    What caused the power outage, because it can explain a lot. Make sure it wasn't like a surge or anything.
  3. Saaber

    Saaber TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Too many things on at once, so it just flipped the fuse.
    Well, some ppl told me to change the HDD, did it, nothing changed.
    I also read that damaged RAM sticks could do this(Slow comp, usb ports not working)
    again, im clueless.
  4. linktriscuit

    linktriscuit TS Rookie

    The motherboard chipset controls the usb, so if none of the usb ports are functioning, that could mean something is wrong with the motherboard.
  5. Saaber

    Saaber TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Okay, so, i took out the motherboard to take a look at the other side, one of the ram slots pins was a bit darkish, could that cause the problem of booting up rly slow?
    also, if one ram slot is damaged, will it affect the other one?
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