Smallest footprint ATX case

By Noah Sauber
Mar 14, 2016
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  1. Hi folks,

    So long story short, my mom's PC crapped out. I am an avid builder, and have run a few rigs, so I figured the best option at this point would be to build her a new one; however, she doesn't need a whole lot of power, or room for expansion. She would be more interested in a small, quiet case. The problem is, I already have a full ATX mobo, and the smaller cases are only socketed with mATX or mITX mounts.

    Are there any cases that have the slim profile of a microATX case, but fit a full ATX? The key is footprint, not volume. She has a tiny desk, so it has to sit on top.

    Thanks guys!
  2. If you place an ATX case 'desktop fashion' it will of course have a bigger footprint than a mATX case, but if it's on the desk 'tower fashion' then it's possible to have near mATX footprint. Anyway, here's a list showing some cases that accept ATX m'brds. I'm sure there are other e-tailers offering similar lines...

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