Smartphone gyroscopes can be used as covert microphones


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Researchers from Stanford University, working in tandem with a team from defense firm Rafael, have discovered a way to use the gyroscope found in most modern smartphones as a basic microphone, potentially opening the door to malicious eavesdropping.

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Let's wonder. Does a phone already have a microphone in it? Why wouldn't you be worried about that one instead of some einstienian software necessary to decode the gyro. Stanford?


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Permission would not be asked for from the user to access the gyroscope.

This could be fixed easily in software, and I agree that using the built in microphone or even the speaker would be a much easier option.


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I also read some time ago in here, that depending on how far you have your smartphone to the keyboard the gyroscope can detect variations and vibrations on key press at such detail that it could be used as keylogger, the same as in here as a proof of concept.