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Why is that? It's not for me it's for my mom and she keeps complaining how slow here laptop is. I got her some memory but want to upgrade her cpu for her.


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Laptop processors are such a pain to switch. x_x

Although, I'm quite confused as to which processor the computer has. If you have access to her PC, then go ahead and download CPU-Z. Upon running the program, what does it say after the label "Specification"?


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Because it's a hassle, and it's really hard to do.
Go defrag and clean up the startup instead...the CPU won't help much.


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It looks like the current CPU is an Intel Celeron M Processor 350 ... 1.3 GHz single core.

The most powerful possible upgrade is an Intel Celeron M Processor 390 ... 1.7 GHz single core.

I hate to kill your altruistic ambition, mate, but doing this upgrade would make almost no difference in performance. The $40 price tag and difficult installation don't help matters either. Do you have the CDs to reinstall Windows? Re-formatting the HDD and doing a fresh install of Windows XP would do so much more for performance than installing a new CPU. Just this weekend I performed a fresh installation of Windows 2000 SE on a 12 year-old machine and now it is seriously faster than most new netbooks. haha

If you don't have the Windows installation CDs, then take HelloKitty's advice and you'll still notice a nice improvement in performance. Basically get rid of any unnecessary programs and browser add-ons, delete pointless files via disk clean-up, and finally run Disk Defragmenter.