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  • How do I remove Softonic from Chrome?
  • How do I unsubscribe from Softonic?


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I think they use an extension so check for that by clicking the '3 dots' (top right of the browser) then 'settings' then click 'extensions' (look on the left side). Click 'Remove' on any extensions you don't recognize.

The other way is using the notifications part of Chrome. To check that do the same clicks...'3 dots' ...'settings...this time click 'Privacy & Security' then 'Site Settings' (near the middle of the page). Check out the permissions under 'Recent Activity' and start blocking any websites you don't want.
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I don't use Chrome. I use duckduckgo as my browser. Plus they are just notifications... Just got another one from Softonic. On Safari...
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I think I found it... I went to google and turned off some settings... Anyway... It's gone... So I turned off the right setting while on my Google (gmail) page
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Yes it was the 'snyc' all setting on my Mac though my Gmail account. Turned that off. I want to thank TECHSPOT for your help and support
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