[solved] NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in library ntdll.dll

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May 12, 2013
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  1. I recently had this error message pop up when I started some apps on my computer (including Teamviewer and Skype)

    The procedure entry point NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll
    Error Message.

    I found a solution after some Googling. I thought I'd post what I found.

    The problem may start after installing some Android related software on your PC (Samsung Kies or in, my case, I had installed the Android upgrade package for phone on my PC)

    To fix the problem, I uninstalled the software and renamed C:\WINDOWS\system32\avrt.dll to avrt.dll.old. Life is good again :)
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  2. Jad Chaar

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    (y) <-- for effort.
  3. Lucylastik

    Lucylastik TS Rookie

    "renamed C:\WINDOWS\system32.avrt.dll to avrt.dll.old. "

    Silly question but how?

    Please explain as if you are speaking to someone who really doesn't understand, because I don't. Thank you :)
  4. LookinAround

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    Thanks for asking. I just realized there was a typo in the original post! I just fixed the typo!

    Open Windows File Explorer. Navigate to folder C:\WINDOWS\system32 then scroll to find file avrt.dll and right click to rename it
  5. hanuman

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    .............not much of a forum joiner but in this case I did, just to thank you.(y)

    Happened with me after KIES installation as well, as recently as, well, recently.:mad: Even scraping the last dregs of that from the last recesses of the PC didn't help. Well, the message is dead now and I see no probs with any other applications so far.

    Sorry for hijack, just as an FYI, running still on XP which I may soon (an then again may not) turn into an offline word processor. But the Samsung phone itself is gone as well and will be my very last one of that brand. Although Skype and MS (since married) probably have the most to answer for.

    And, oh yeah, sorry for this very belated entry.

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