[Solved] PC freezes, after gaming usually


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I have never encountered this issue and have no idea what to do or think.
I have an ASUS DirectCU II R9 280X card. I have it installed in a Gateway DX 4380 motherboard with A10-5700 and 8GB 1600 RAM. Everything is powered by a 725Watt cooler master PSU.
Everything has been running well until a couple of days ago. Then I noticed the video wouldn't wake up from sleep. I've had that problem across many computers, before, so I wasn't all too worried.
Then my PSU died. I had a thermaltake TR2 600 watt then. So I exchanged it as I only bought it the of day before. The other worked fine, but I started getting freezes. Usually after I put a strain on the video card, like gaming for an hour or so. I'd finish the game and return to desktop and everything would freeze. I thought that maybe the power supply was faulty, again. So I went and returned it and got the CM one.
But the problem is still the same. I'd play for a while, exit and as soon as I reach the desktop everything freezes.
I know that it is possible that it's the video card that is faulty, But I am also thinking that maybe (fingers crossed) that the mobo I got is just unable to handle this card. Maybe it's just unable to deliver enough power through PCI-E that this card needs.
I have a spare HD7850 that works just fine, but it's not really the same power draw as r9 280x so I don't think the results would be a proof of anything.

Another thing I did notice is that when I had 7850 installed and played Guild Wars 2 I had no problem maintaining 60FPS, but with this card, on the same settings I dropp to mid 20s in many places.

Anyway. What is the most likely cause? Video card or just a crap of a mobo (considering it's from a pre-built PC)?

Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy. I have very shaky hands and this is the best I could do.
IMG_20140707_133950057_HDR.jpg IMG_20140707_133927737_HDR.jpg PHOTO_20140707_134337.jpg


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Apparently if I play a game in windowed mode the computer does not freeze after I quit the game.


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It was a software problem. I moved pagefile to d drive. Figured it would help prolong the life of my SSD. Last night I moved it back and now everything runs great.