Sony artificially inflates PSP Go price

By Justin ยท 13 replies
Jun 26, 2009
  1. When new products hit the market, you usually expect early adopters to end up paying the most for them. The iPhone, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 all serve as examples of products that are now much cheaper than on launch day. However, when one of these receives a technical refresh or is replaced by a successor, it rarely comes with a price hike as well. That will not be the case with the PSP Go, which will be priced significantly higher than the current PSP-3000 at $250, despite dropping the expensive UMD drive in favor of cheap flash memory.

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  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    But is it any good? Are there reviews out?
    The internet, ethernet, and electronics are all about making money...
    Some devices are worth it.
    Tell us more
  3. Eddie_42

    Eddie_42 TS Rookie Posts: 173

    because they can...what a novelty in a capitalist society.
  4. Nirkon

    Nirkon TS Enthusiast Posts: 202

    For that price, who wouldn't rather get an xbox??
  5. polidiotic

    polidiotic TS Booster Posts: 103

    There's nothing wrong with pricing something high, expecting people to buy it... because people do buy it. Unfortunately for all of us, we're not all made of money, but there are many in the world who are CEOs, VPs, CFOs, Executive Managers, actors, directors, etc, etc, etc... who have a ton of money to spend... and $250-$50,000 is not a lot of money to them. It's like dropping a few dollars for a new pack of pens that you need at Staples.

    So, let them have their expensive as **** products... when the wealth has them, sales drop off, then they drop prices for the rest of us. It's all good. ;P One day, you too could drop $42k on a 180" LED LCD HD television.
  6. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,715   +856

    (shrugs) I've been guilty of buying products at a higher price than I really should have just because of the "I GOTTA have it" factor. Video cards and computer games for example. On both those if I'd waited six months I would have been able to make the purchases at a significant discount. But I'm fully aware of that and make my decisions accordingly.

    I don't see anything wrong with it. It's one of those "what the market will bear" sales strategies.
  7. T77

    T77 TS Enthusiast Posts: 300   +6

    i agree with Nirkon.i would rather get an xbox with good graphics at that price rather than a portable with average graphics.
  8. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 942

    I like the PS3. From a hardware standpoint, it looks like a great device. I also like the PSP Go. On paper it looks great.

    But, just like the PS3, I think Sony will eat into their own sales with such a high pricetag. Not just now, either, but down the road - I've heard many people tell me that they won't buy a PS3 because it is too expensive. The funny part is, if I ask them how much it costs, most of them will recite a $600 price tag or more - despite that it has dropped significantly lower than that.

    I think shocking the customer on launch with a massive price tag than lowering it later can actually harm your sales rather than boost them. Why not offer it at a lower price at first, get a billion people to buy one, then raise the prices later when the "late adopters" feel left out?
  9. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Sony has been mostly wrong in their marketing for years.
    They make great monitors, good cameras, and below average everything else... with high costs and high failures in laptops and sound.
    What are we paying attention to Sony, anyway?
  10. tengeta

    tengeta TS Enthusiast Posts: 612

    "The PS3 just isn't making us enough money, what do we do?"

    "Well, lets find a system people are buying... OK! The PSP, lets reinvent the shell, and throw in a few super cool features everyone will want wither they really care or not and jack that price tag through the roof!"

    "Hey look, it doesn't matter anymore that the PS3 is losing us money!"

    Welcome to modern corporate product improvement. No actual improvement, just visual changes that "justify" new and higher pricing. I still have my original PSP and plan on keeping it that way. If it breaks, I'm not buying one of these.
  11. Supply and demand anyone? Surely this is gcse economics...
  12. This headline statement certainly fails economics 101.

    A price is simply what someone want's to demand for goods.

    The optimal price is the MOST that someone pays for an item.

    Anyone who produces their own goods can demand any price they want; they may not find the optimal price and sell short, or have a sub-optimal price that sells plenty but for less return than they could have, but it's their own price.

    An 'inflated' price occurs when something happens that causes the value of something to rise but has nothing to do with the actual item itself. Example: it floods, so rafts become more valuable. The rafts are no different than they were before the flood, but their value has risen. Usually to be considered inflated and not legitimately worth more the external conditions are temporary and short lived.

    An 'artificially inflated' price is when those same external conditions are 'manufactured' coercively by an outside source, usually by the government (Example: Interest Rates).

    But since it's Sony's product and they decide the value of their product, they can not be 'artificially inflating' the price of their own product. You could consider that maybe by them creating a 'shortage' of the product, but definitely not by simply asking more than some people think it's worth.

    It's fine if you want to complain about the high asking price, and I'm not gonna argue if you wanna use big kid words to try to sound smart, but at least google your terminology before you gallivant your lack of understanding all over the internet. It hurts your cause exponentially.
  13. @Justin

    What Sony should do is keep the price of PS3 at $600, but offer a $200 "instant rebate" to make people think its a deal. A lot of people will think they are actually saving 200 dollars, instead of spending 400. It reminds me of the Billy Mayes (RIP) commercials where you're getting a 400 dollar value for ONLY 30 dollars!
  14. Twister123

    Twister123 TS Rookie Posts: 219

    Initially all products are expensive , companies are always trying to revamp there products ,psp is so under developed , a bit like the ps3 , I get the impressing they dunno what to do with either product ,if you want a laugh read guest before the one above ,commenting on your vocabulary , and see some of the words he's usin
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