Sony is shipping second generation PlayStation 4 kits to developers

By Shawn Knight · 29 replies
Nov 2, 2012
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  1. We've heard a ton of talk about Microsoft's upcoming Xbox 720 over the last year or so but surprisingly, there hasn't been hardly any chatter to speak of with regards to Sony's next generation console. That of course doesn't mean...

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  2. ikesmasher

    ikesmasher TS Evangelist Posts: 2,997   +1,317

    Trinity chip is a great approach for a console, looking foward to see how they push it when they can design games for static hardware.
  3. RzmmDX

    RzmmDX TS Guru Posts: 313   +67

    As long as it has full backwards compatibility for PS3 games.
  4. m4a4

    m4a4 TS Evangelist Posts: 953   +515

    If they can make it easier for the developers, then good for them...
  5. killeriii

    killeriii TS Enthusiast Posts: 213   +14

    PS2 and PS1 would be nice too!
  6. RzmmDX

    RzmmDX TS Guru Posts: 313   +67

    I was on that bandwagon once, but damn do I need trophies.
  7. Littleczr

    Littleczr TS Addict Posts: 439   +86

    Good news if you ask me. I don't like consoles but it means we will get equal graphics on PC.
  8. I hope there is at least 4xAA to go with the 1080p+60fps. Looking forward to more news on this!
  9. Renrew

    Renrew TS Enthusiast Posts: 253   +19

    IMO--256 GB harddrive too small at least a 500 gb or 1 TB
  10. Novulux

    Novulux TS Rookie

    SSD maybe? One can only hope.
  11. For those who believe there will be backward compatibility... I very much doubt it.
    Thye removed it from the PS3 pretending it was due to vulnerabilities, or at least that was one of the excuses I read.
    But it is simply that if they remove it, they can push games on the PSN for £2 - £10 a pop. And you won't have a choice if you really really really want to play one of them games. It's all about the money.
  12. Matt12345170

    Matt12345170 TS Booster Posts: 106   +31

    Well, I wouldn't say you don't have a choice, I still have both my PS1 and PS2 from when I was a kid, they still get use. I'm sure if you head to your local flee market you could pick one up for fairly cheap!
  13. NTAPRO

    NTAPRO TS Evangelist Posts: 809   +102

    Hopefully they don't advertise something and eventually remove it :p
  14. Sarcasm

    Sarcasm TS Guru Posts: 367   +46

    Could be an SSD.

    This one move could alleviate any loading issues for games as we know it just as long as they design the hardware to utilize the fast I/O speeds.

    As for the CPU, I don't think its going to get PS3 B/C. Why? Its no longer a Cell chip and they probably will still sell the PS3.
  15. gobbybobby

    gobbybobby TS Guru Posts: 554   +9

    I don't think there will be, the hardware in the PS3 compared to the PS4 is quite different, it might not be able to emulate the PS3 to a level that makes playing full PS3 games a possibility. Lets hope the best PS3 games get ported over to the PS4, like alot of PS2 titles have been.
  16. NTAPRO

    NTAPRO TS Evangelist Posts: 809   +102

    Sounds a bit like the wii. Compatibility for wii games, but gc games are probably downloadable, and have to be bought again I believe.
  17. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 781   +235

    Backwards comparability is a big deal. I hope Sony realizes that and doesn't release a dud.
  18. Blue Falcon

    Blue Falcon TS Addict Posts: 161   +51

    BC should be scrapped.

    - It would make the console more expensive if BC is hardware based (exact reason why it was removed in later versions of PS3, some studied sighted the BC cost to be $80-100 per each "fat" PS3 sold). During a time when launching a console at a competitive price is a lot more critical for its success given the state of the global economy, this would be counter to realizing the affordability factor

    - It would remove the ability for Sony to make $ via HD-remakes of classic PS3 games (Let's face it if you haven't owned a PS3, you'd rather buy real 1080P remakes of Uncharted, God of War and Dark Souls, rather than buy upscaled PS3 games for your PS4). Sony needs this revenue stream given the current financial situation of the firm

    - BC has not really worked well even for Xbox 360 or PS3. The best way to guarantee BC is to keep your current console.

    - BC would be very difficult to do well, only piling on unnecessary costs to Sony. That $ saved on not getting BC working could instead be used for a larger SSD/flash storage, or a cheaper console

    - People who are spending $400+ on a next generation console aren't buying it to play PS3 games. For that they can buy a cheap PS3 in 2013/2014. Current PS3 owners aren't forced to sell their PS3.


    As far as the APU goes, the current A10 design is barely 2x faster than the ~7900GT GPU in PS3. I think it will be a custom-based A10 CPU + GPU with a lot more cores than 384. Alternatively, I can see APU being used with a low-end discrete GPU for a possible hybrid cross-fire. A10-5700/5800 on their own are not sufficient to play next generation games at 1080P at 60 fps on their own, even if taking into account specific console optimizations.
  19. ET3D

    ET3D TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,376   +168

    I think you're right. Also a major limitation on most low end cards (and certainly integrated ones) is memory bandwidth, and consoles usually don't have that problem. A little embedded RAM, a 256 bit memory interface, and things would look much better even for integrated graphics.
  20. killeriii

    killeriii TS Enthusiast Posts: 213   +14

    - Was software based for the PS2. Don't know why they couldn't do that for the PS3 too. As well as the PS4 when it comes out.
    - Lazy programmers maybe?
    - BC worked great on both my PS2 and PS3.
    - In Fact, the first 60GB PS3 had a FULL PS2 soldered to the motherboard. They later learned to emulate most of it.
    - That's not true. And I don't want 4 systems hooked up at a time.
    - Also, old systems wear out and can't be purchased in new condition anymore.
  21. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,828   +633

    The only time I ever used the BC on my lauch PS3 was when I first purchased it, because obviously I didn't have too many games for it, eventually I stopped using the feature with the exception of a couple games. Then my PS3 YLOD on me and I had to get a slim one which makes less noise, uses less power and... has less usb ports and no card reader. This is what pissed me off more than anything, because it was handy to able to charge 4 controllers at once, or pop in a sd card from a camera to view pictures. I just dug out my PS2 for the two games that I want to play on it, because it still hasn't died and because it was built back in the days before the obligation to use pos solder that breaks from repeated heat cycles... it will probably last longer than my 2nd PS3.
  22. danhodge

    danhodge TS Member Posts: 80   +13

    8gb or 16gb? Aren't current consoles managing with 1gb? :')
    16 would be major overkill...
  23. Blue Falcon

    Blue Falcon TS Addict Posts: 161   +51


    "- In Fact, the first 60GB PS3 had a FULL PS2 soldered to the motherboard. They later learned to emulate most of it."

    PS3 Slim is not BC with PS2 games. What do you mean later learned to emulate most of it? Less than 24 hours after its announcement the PS3 Slim took the number-one bestseller spot on in the video games section for fifteen consecutive days. What made it so successful? Dramatic price drop.

    Playstation 1 - $299
    Playstation 2 - $299
    Playstation 3 - $499-599 (Huge failure in the beginning)

    That's exactly why this is a bad idea- it will raise price for PS4 for all gamers, those who want BC and those who don't care. If Sony wants to make their console attractive, they'd be better off increase the specs, or lowering the price, and worry about BC last.

    "That's not true. And I don't want 4 systems hooked up at a time."

    So millions of consumers who would rather choose a cheaper console with no BC should share the financial burden of a higher console for the small minority who want BC because some people still play PS1, PS2, PS3 games? This time BC is not as easy as emulating it since AMD CPU is x86 and the Cell CPU doesn't even run that code.
  24. Hell I don't even have time to play current gen games and you guys are talking backwards compatibility?
  25. killeriii

    killeriii TS Enthusiast Posts: 213   +14

    1st Gen. PS3's were 20GB and 60GB phat models. Had full PS2 compatibility (hardware).
    2nd Gen. PS3's were 40GB and 80GB phat models. 80GB had 90% PS2 compatibility (partial hardware emulation). 40GB had none.
    3rd Gen. PS3's were also 40GB and 80GB phat models. Neither had PS2 compatibility.

    It didn't drop the price with the omission of BC.

    1st Gen. were the ONLY models that had the full PS2 chipset in it.

    So, 2nd Gen., consumers had the CHOICE to buy BC or not. At not much if any extra cost. (bigger HD and more usb ports always added $100)

    BC had already been taken out for a full generation before the slim models came out.
    The price drop for the slim models came from reduced manufacturing costs in general.

    Agreed, that is Sony's dumb mistake. But, they could still offer PS1 and PS2 emulation for free.
    And, possibly, a more expensive version that does PS3 BC.

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