Sony reveals Predator: Hunting Grounds 'secrets' and confirms release date

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Tuesday marked the fourth installment of Sony's State of Play games showcase, and the company had plenty of news and announcements, including confirmation of a Resident Evil 3 remake along with a release date of April 3, 2020.

Another exciting title shown during the livestream was Predator: Hunting Grounds. Sony first announced the title back in May. At the time, Sony revealed that it would be an asymmetrical online multiplayer game akin to Death by Daylight or Deathgarden, but not too much else.

Today, Sony was able to unbox a few well-kept secrets about the new Predator game. For one, the title will be simultaneously released on PlayStation 4 and PC on April 24, 2020, only a few weeks after the RE3 remake launch.

Developers also noted that players can opt to play as a female Predator.

“One of the secrets we have been keeping since announcing Predator: Hunting Grounds has been the inclusion of the female Predator,” said developer IllFonic’s CCO and Creative Director Jared Gerritzen.

Her primary weapon will be the Yautja Bow, which “deals massive damage” and can pin opponents to walls or trees. However, she also has access to the entire Predator arsenal, which was partially revealed in the newest trailer of the game (above).

A particularly cool weapon was the Smart Disc. Think of it as a Batarang that can strike multiple enemies, only slicing through them instead of knocking them out. There is also the Combstick, which is an extendable spear that can be used from a distance or in close combat. The trailer shows one unlucky soul getting impaled by one. Of course, there are other means of bringing death, including the classic shoulder-mounted mini-missiles and wrist blades.

IllFonic also revealed there will be three classes of Predators to chose from depending on one’s playstyle. The Berserker is a tank with extra strength that can withstand, as well as deal, massive damage without running out of steam. The Scout is an acrobatic and quick breed that excels at stealth and stalking its prey. The Hunter is the balanced class that offers a well-rounded killer that is versatile at the expense of not excelling at any given tactic.

Pre-orders are already available for the Standard ($40) and Digital Deluxe ($60) Editions on the PlayStation Store and the Epic Games Store (standard version only).

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I've always been a fan of Aliens and Predator stuff, but I'll hold my enthusiasm until I see real game play from a 3rd party. The trailer mixes game play with pre-done stuff really well, so will wait to see what it actually looks and plays like.
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It's coming to PC!!!!

"Epic Games Store (standard version only)."
Oh well. My excitement was justified. Hope it makes it's way to steam at some point.