Sony unveils Xperia 1 IV attachment with a fan, HDMI and Ethernet ports

Daniel Sims

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Something to look forward to: Accessories for improving gaming on smartphones are nothing new, but Sony's latest announcement takes things to a new level. The company's upcoming Xperia attachment shows it's getting serious about esports and streaming when it comes to mobile games.

Sony unveiled this week an attachment that adds a surprising array of features to its new Xperia 1 IV smartphone. The accessory's product page confirms that it goes on sale on October 14 for 23,100 yen (around $160). Although a product page for the device has appeared on Sony's online stores for Asian territories like Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, it hasn't yet appeared on the company's US website.

The Xperia Stream XQZ-GG01's headline feature is a fan to keep the phone cool while playing high-end games. High temperatures are always a concern when playing certain mobile games, and other companies have sold similar phone fans for a while, but the Xperia stream combines that functionality with four cable ports.

The USB-C port and 3.5mm audio jack aren't surprising, but the Ethernet port and 120Hz HDMI output set the Xperia Stream apart from other phone attachments. Esports professionals provided Sony with input in the accessory's design, and the ports are useful features for both gamers and streamers.

Most casual users probably play mobile games while on the go, where there is no need for HDMI or Ethernet. However, hardwiring video and internet into a phone makes more sense at a streamer's home or an esports venue. Asus offers stationary docks with similar features, but the Xperia Stream lets users access the same functionality with the phone in their hands.

Sony will also offer a "game enhancer" app with the attachment that gives users a level of monitoring and customization functionality that looks similar to PC gaming apps like MSI Afterburner. The software shows information like frame rate, RAM usage, and charge wattage. It also includes controls for fan rotation, thermal limits, and screen refresh rate.

The attachment is a high-end accessory for Sony's already premium Xperia 1 IV, which ships this month. Starting at $1,600, the flagship phone sports the first-ever true optical zoom lens on a phone. Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Gen 1 with 12GB of RAM, the Xperia 1 IV can record video at 4K 120fps and features a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED 120Hz screen. Sony is positioning it as the ultimate photography phone, and perhaps its newly-unveiled attachment can make it one of the best gaming phones as well.

The Xperia Stream will be available to try at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show which will take place September 15 through September 18.

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Ethernet cable required for phone? Love the idea, but Ethernet needs a much smaller standard first. Or just carry it over that HDMI cable?
The phone price is horror considering the update period. Should Sony offer for or five years years of update, I would choose them over Samsung. But two years update is ****. So no thanks.
This better work for taking pictures and video with this phone - it overheats with common tasks more than in gaming scenarios 😂
But no one can deny Sony has a sense of humour lately, first blaming Microsoft for exclusives and now "fixing" their poor hardware with "gaming" accessories.
Poor guy on the picture is even wearing new gaming Sony headphones which can be considered as one of the worst gaming headphones ... and that's really saying something as baseline for gaming headset is really low already.
The phone price is horror considering the update period. Should Sony offer for or five years years of update, I would choose them over Samsung. But two years update is ****. So no thanks.
It's not just time period they should offer update, but mainly quality and frequency of updates and fixes.
If you had previous Xperia you can pretty much bet Android core updates being rare, fixes slow and new features ... non-existent, you have to buy the next Xperia for that new app that Sony is using for camera now.
I had Xperia 5 series previously. Based on that experience, I do not really plan on getting any more Sony phones in future, especially not with a direction they are heading.
I love how dumb it looks that someone is sat in a 'gaming' chair with a headset on, a phone with a fan and loads of cables coming out of it.

Yeah, there's a way better version of that where you aren't going to get hand cramps or eye strain looking at your little 6 inches and it's called a PC.
Smartphone games are trash but I guess people are streaming to their phones now? I just don't see how paying to exposing myself to microtransactions for LONGER periods of time is an enjoyable experience.
While I understand what you're trying to say (MT heavy, gatcha, other crap), there are games on smartphones which are simply good - you can play chrono trigger, FF7 and many more top level games. But because most people do not wish to pay upfront for a phone game, many devs went with easy option.
I will get a Deck or maybe Switch over phone for gaming anytime, but there are a few titles I have on my phone I realy like and you not always have an option to take another device with you.