Soon Netflix will actually own its original shows


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One thing that many avid Netflix viewers might not realize is that despite many shows being branded as "Netflix Originals", such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, the streaming media company actually doesn't own these shows. But soon that will change, according to CEO Reed Hastings.

Taking House of Cards as an example, producer Media Rights Capital currently owns the series, which allows them to sell it to some other TV networks, as well as retailers like Amazon. This is fairly typical of many TV networks, who choose to rent shows rather than purchase them outright.

However, as Netflix is becoming more and more popular, with subscriber rates and stock increasing, Hastings says that the company is now "taking on ownership and production" of a range of their Originals. This will allow Netflix to compete head-to-head with HBO, its major rival that already owns its popular first-party shows like Game of Thrones.

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Ownership of their shows prevents Netflix from being potentially outbid for streaming rights in the future, and opens up additional revenue streams such as Blu-ray sales and licensing to non-Netflix nations. While naturally there is a cost to buying shows outright, it benefits Netflix down the track.

Netflix hasn't said exactly which shows they have purchased from their range of Originals, although Bloomberg Business says they've already acquired Flaked, which is an new comedy that's yet to air starring Will Arnett.

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While naturally there is a cost to buying shows outright, it benefits Netflix down the track.
Not if they flop. Renting keeps the risk in the hands of the owner. And there's a saying in Hollywood 'no one knows anything.' to describe the phenomenon of why Fast and Furious 7 can rake in the cash, but a blockbuster like John Carter can fall flat on it's face. It's really hard to predict what's going to be good.


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This is good, but I don't think ABC (owned by Disney) will allow Netflix to ever own any of its Marvel series. At least I hope not: Disney needs to exercise a tighter rein over its Marvel properties so that they can begin to make one coherent universe and not continue the disjointed one that exists now.