Sophie’s World and classic games in Windows 10

By bazz2004
Sep 13, 2015
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  1. I’ve found some strange things happening when trying to run a couple of old games in Windows 10.

    Microsoft’s Pandora’s Box is working superbly in Windows 10 although it was a struggle. Most users of the game say it won’t work in XP but that’s incorrect. I was able to run it in Windows 7 also. It didn't work after the W10 upgrade though and I had to reinstall it. It's the only thing that didn't work following the upgrade but I'm not much of a games fan..

    Another unique program is Sophie’s World from the same era. It will run in Windows XP SP3 if you work at it but I could never get it running in Windows 7. Without much hope I tried installing the game on my newly updated Windows 10 systems. On two laptops it refused to install which wasn’t a surprise.

    I tried installing it on my W10 desktop computer in compatibility mode for XP SP3. The weird thing is that it is running OK. Sophie’s World isn’t listed in the Start menu app/programs. It doesn’t appear in Control Panel in the list of installed programs so I’m not sure how you’d go about uninstalling it. The game is listed in Program Files though.

    That sounds like a failure and Pandora’s Box shouldn’t work but it does so long as the original game disk is in the D drive. The game is also remembering where I was so that I can return to continue the game.

    Anybody got any explanation or found something similar happening?

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