Sorry, another emachines mobo/cpu thread

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Sep 16, 2008
  1. greetings!! i used the search function and much of the info is outdated as far as links and some information is repetative as far as we all are aware of the failings of emachine mobo--bestec power supply.

    but, my friend had me look at her T-1840 desktop and of course the power supply is junk. replaced the power supply and light on the front of the case simply flashes quickly over and over and refuses to boot. i am now under the assumption the mobo or celeron cpu is fried as well?? she has very little to no money (why she bought an emachine in the first place!!) and wants to get the comp up and running. i have an OEM version of windows i agreed to use. she only uses this for web viewing and an occasional letter. absolutely nothing else.

    so my questions are as follows:

    1. what is the cheapest route to get this up and running?

    2. can i install a AMD cpu inside--instead of another intel--cheaper route?

    3. i have always used newegg b4, anywhere else i cud consider looking?

    thanks for anyone that can offer some help. i know much of this is repetative as far as board posts go, so i apologize in advance. thanks again.

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    If you are willing to acquire a copy of XP (any version) the best thing to do is to replace the motherboard using a mini-ATX board, a 64-bit ready Intel or AMD CPU and DDR2 memory... You should be able to do this from Newegg for under $250
  3. mlkmgr

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    i have copy of XP home--new--that i am willing to give to her. we are just looking for the cheapest way to get this up and running. thanks for the help!!
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    No Need to Apologize.......

    Many, many people here at Techspot (justifiably) believe that Emachines and by extension Gateway, should be doing all of the apologies.

    TMagic is right in his assessment that the quickest way out of your predicament is purchasing the parts he outlined and cannibalizing your broken machine for the necessary additional parts.

    Newegg (IMHO) is the best place online at the moment to purchase components. they're not always the cheapest kids on the block, but their approach to customer service more than makes up for it.

    After you do some "Window" shopping, you might want to start a new thread in this forum on the order of, "I'm rebuilding a computer", and outlining what you're considering purchasing. This would take your circumstance out from under the umbrella of "another Emachines thread", and might prove helpful in completing your project
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