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Sound card 'disappeared' after reformatting computer

By ContraryMary
Mar 27, 2009
  1. Hey all.
    I have been having problems with my computer for a while, since some of the system 32 files had corrupted due to a virus, and I couldn't connect it to the internet because the person who installed my OS had used a dodgy copy of Windows XP, instead of the new one I gave him. It just caused a ton of problems with the internet, but the computer worked fine when it wasn't connected.

    However, it got to the point where we really needed the internet, so I sent my computer off to another friend, who works with computers, to have it reformatted, and a new copy of Windows XP professional installed. When it came back to me, everything seemed fine, the computer worked faster, and my friend had installed another hard disk, free of charge.

    But then we found that we had no sound. And, according to PC Wizard, and Windows Media Player, the sound device wasn't even there. It had disappeared, whilst still being very much soldered onto the motherboard.
    We had never had problems with the sound card before, so I searched the internet to try to find a solution. I also asked the lady at my local computer shop if she knew what to do, and she said that I probably just needed to reinstall the motherboard drivers. So I went back on the net and searched for my motherboard, and downloaded the drivers for it.

    No sound...
    So I went onto the net and searched for the problem, and a few sites (including TechSpot) had threads with similar problems. I found one where the person had my exact problem, but a his was a Dell. The advice he got was to reinstall the chipset drivers, and see if that helped. It worked for him, so I went back onto ASRock's site, downloaded all of the relevant drivers and installed them.

    But, again, my efforts were fruitless. My computer is still stubbornly insisting that there is no sound device installed on the computer. Can anyone help me?

    Technical Info:
    Processor: AMD Sempron 3400+
    Motherboard: ASRock K8Upgrade-VM800
    Sound Card: Integrated Foxconn ('foxconn' is punched into the side of the card.)
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,270   +103

  3. ContraryMary

    ContraryMary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for replying, Zenosincks. You assumed correctly. I went onto ASRock's site, searched for my motherboard's make, and downloaded the chipset drivers, then went back on and downloaded the audio drivers. I used the europe server, as advised. Thank you anyway. :)
  4. ContraryMary

    ContraryMary TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My sound card has returned, as if it never left! It's working correctly and everything. But, I have no idea how it has come back...?

    It turned out to be a VT8233/A AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller, by C-Media
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