Sound only works in the program for my soundcard

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Apr 14, 2008
  1. I'm not totally helpless when it comes to computers, but apparently I'm very incompetent when it comes to fixing the sound.

    My family bought a new computer, and it's decent and has updated sound drivers and everything and it came with Realtek HD Audio Manager. (The soundcard is a Realtek High Definition Audio)
    I really. really. hate this program, at this point.
    From day one, the only sound that would play was the music for the 3D audio demo. After fiddling around with it for a few days, I finally got it to play all audio, my itunes, sound from youtube videos, everything. It was fine.
    Actually It was fine for my file on the computer, but it never did end up working on my Dad's. He got fed up with it, and the fact that I couldn't fix it for his, so he took it in and tried to get some answers. Apparently, the guy at the computer place hooked it all up to speakers, and it was just fine. It worked on all files, for everything. Okay, sweet. I hooked it all back up, and what do you know. Same ****ing problem. Except now I can't remember how I made the sound play on all other applications and I need to try and figure it out for the whole computer.

    We have new Bose speakers, they play the audio demo, so I know that's not the problem.
    I've checked device manager and control panel and such to make sure the computer recognizes the speakers, the programs, the drivers, and everything. I'm really not sure what else I can check for.

    Any ideas?

    And yes, before anyone asks, it is plugged in right. Speakers are plugged into the light green port.
  2. Matthew

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    Is the proper device selected in "Sounds and Audio Devices" (or "Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices" for Vista I believe)?

    Head into the Control Panel and open one of the above. Take a look in the Audio tab and make sure the correct device is chosen.
  3. electrictokyo

    electrictokyo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm pretty sure it is. The computer has them all located and says they're working, so I assume that means whatever needs to be selected, is.
    I have Windows XP, if that makes any difference whatsoever.
  4. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,332   +101

    What media player are you using, and what is the model of your father's PC?
  5. electrictokyo

    electrictokyo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Right now, in hopes that if I do something right, sound will magically start playing, I have my iTunes up. That's the only thing I use for music. I have a few media players installed, last one I used was uhh.. Quicktime, I believe.

    Umm it's a bit of a custom built job.
    It's got an ASUS motherboard. Does that constitute as the make?
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