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Feb 15, 2007
  1. when I open any website like any play a video I cant hear the audio, this happen to me in more than one website. When I open an audio file from My Documents it plays just fine same with when I play a CD or DVD, its just that when im browsing the internet I cant hear the audio! also the volume control has disapeard from my bottom right corner of the screen!

    This has happend just recently when I got an automatic disk clean up message because I had little space left on my hard drive. I did the clean up thing, what it did is zipped some file or something, anyway I dont know if this is what causing the problem because Im getting this audio problem just after I did the disk clean up.

    Do I need to reinstalling my C-media audio device or something?
    Any help would be apreciated, and thanks for your reply!
  2. zipperman

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    But first,don't fall for those alerts to fix your PC.Just ignore them.
    Use Windows Disk Cleanup and Defrag.And install AVG free downloads.
    Can you still get sound off line like mp3's ?
    You need the volume control on your tasbar.No telling what might be muted.
    Also some web players have a volume and mute option.Look for these or an option to install something to use this sights clips.

    You might need Adobe Flash player reinstalled.I got sound at youtube.
    It has a volume and mute control.Right ckick a video for Adobe info.
  3. glenn_rolek

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    How can I use Windows Disk Cleanup and Defrag?

    My mp3 files work just fine but I still get sound problems while browsing the internet! (I checked mute not enabled!) also I still cant see my volume control on my bottom right of the screen! even though I checked it to appear in the audio and sound device settings (dont know if this is the cause my my problem).

    I use Mozilla Firefox (I used IE, have the same problem). Is there a place where I control the volume for the program or something?

    how can I reinstall Adobe Flash player? I tryed right click on a video for Adobe info but nothing happens!

    I also realised that my sound doesnt work when getting instant messages from Yahoo messenger and AIM, but the sound works fine with MSN!

    please I need help with this!
  4. marcuskarl73

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    to get your volume control back , go in your control panel>sound and uncheck "place volume control in taskbar" apply , the check it again and apply , most of the time this will fix your volume control issue unless there's sound card installation/driver problems
  5. zipperman

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    Heres a picture

    Check the place on taskbar,then select sounds and see if any play.
    Advanced will bring up volume settings.Or should.
    Then click Audio.Is your device listed and working as default ?
    As for Flash Player,sights that use this usually have an install option and are unuseable til then.
    Or google for it.
    Reminder : Flash player has volume and mute controls of its own.
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