SpaceX introduces expensive new Starlink for RV service that works on moving vehicles


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In a nutshell: SpaceX is offering a new Starlink internet service for RVs, one that can be used while the vehicle is in motion. The catch is that the required dish and mount costs $2,500, almost five times more than the standard kit.

SpaceX launched the Starlink for RVs service back in May. As the name suggests, it's designed specifically for RV owners who want to access the internet while in their vehicle. The setup kit is $599, and there's a $135 monthly charge, which is $25 more than regular Starlink. The big caveat is that it can't be used while the RV is moving.

That limitation isn't present in the all-new Flat High Performance Starlink for RVs service. The company writes that it allows users to enjoy high-speed, low-latency internet while in motion. It uses a larger terminal that can see 35% more of the sky than the standard version's kit and is better at withstanding extreme weather while offering improved performance in high temperatures and snow.

RV passengers will likely appreciate being able to access the internet while traveling down highways and the like, but the service doesn't come cheap. The dish and mount's $2,500 price is nearly two thousand dollars more than the stationary-only version, though the monthly cost remains the same at $135. And like the standard option, you can pause and restart the service, so you won't be paying while it isn't being used.

Starlink has been expanding its internet service to other areas this year. In addition to RVs, both moving and static, it has launched Starlink Maritime, which is designed for the extreme conditions faced by boats, ships, yachts, and oil rigs. Users must pay a one-time cost of $10,000, followed by $5,000 per month to access this service.

A more recent addition is Starlink Aviation, a high-speed, low-latency, in-flight internet connectivity option that'll work regardless of your location. It offers up to 350 Mbps to each plane with latency as low as 20 ms, allowing passengers to enjoy online gaming, video calls, and connections to virtual private networks. Pricing is set at $15,500 to $25,000 per month for unlimited data with a one-time hardware fee of $150,000.

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I could maybe see big ships being willing to pay for Starlink, but the airborne prices are ludicrous. I doubt you'll see it on anything except long, trans-oceanic flights or the private jets of major corporations.
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This service sounds completely affordable for those able to buy and use the examples RV's pictured. For example there are many channels on YouTube where people are paying for their expensive RV lifestyles via YouTube and instant connectivity would definitely be justifiable and this cost completely affordable. The same can be said of the people using the marine or air services/facilities - compared to their other expenditures for this lifestyle these are low cost solutions.


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I could maybe see big ships being willing to pay for Starlink, but the airborne prices are ludicrous. I doubt you'll see it on anything except long, trans-oceanic flights or the private jets of major corporations.
Compared to current solutions airborne starlink is significantly cheaper. Outside of short haul flights I could see many switching to starlink for the cost savings alone.

Same with ships. Even a small ship is big $$$, and starlink is again significantly cheaper AND offers much better connectivity on top of it.


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Who wants to bet that it doesn't cost Starlink 5x as much to provide this "service"? :laughing:
Direct dollars maybe not, but moving targets like this will require priority data and load balancing with whatever satellites are in the area to maintain active connection without dropping service. It isnt easy.


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Buy a couple of tires for your RV bus - just fill the tank at the moment.
I wonder it this includes fitting as well.

When I was staying in State parks, forest parks - those RVs used to annoy some people running their generators into the night .
Use to drive pass RV parks - big signs no kids allowed ( in my VW vanagon camper ) .

Some camps should have no generators between x to y - why be in nature ?
You have your solar power and batteries - why do you need a mega fridge etc - go to an RV park with hookups if you want a house like electricity bill- rant over


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Kit is expensive, but I thought the service would be at least 500 dollars.
It is very very affordable instead. It would be amazing for research expeditions to remote locations.
Maybe, it would be a better business idea to rent the kit and take a bit more as a monthly payment?