Still can't get wireless to connect after downloading correct driver for eMachine?

By slaurensaint
Oct 29, 2011
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  1. Hi! I am working on an Emachine E725 which is having problems connecting to the internet wirelessly. At first the device manager was saying the Broadcom 802.11g network adapter driver was not updated and was giving me a code 10, saying the device can not start. I downloaded the correct driver and for a minute it seemed to be working fine but still would not connect to the internet. Now it is back to saying the device cannot start and giving the code 10 again. I tried to update the driver again and it says the driver is up to date so I'm really confused on the problem! Has anyone had this problem or know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you in advance for taking time to help!!
  2. LookinAround

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    List any Problem Devices
    • Click Start->Run, enter: msinfo32. Click the + sign next to Components to expand it
    • Click Problem Devices. Anything appear?
    • If yes, click on it, Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-C to copy it, Ctrl-V to paste into next post
    • On the other hand, if no devices are listed, tell me so
    Generate and attach a DirectX report
    • Click Start->Run, enter dxdiag and click OK
      ===> If you’re running 32 bit Windows, dxdiag will launch on its own
      ===> If you’re running 64 bit Windows, you’ll see 64-bit DxDiag. Click it to launch the 64-bit version of dxdiag
    • Notice progress in lower left window corner
    • When done, click Save Information button and save to your Desktop
    • In TechSpot window, use the paper clip icon to attach the report. (If you don't see icon you may need to first click Go Advanced)

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