Sting your competition with this giant scorpion gaming cockpit from Cluvens


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WTF?! If you'd like to combine your love of arachnids and PC hardware, look no further than the Cluven Scorpion IW-SK zero-gravity esports gaming chair and workstation. This creepy-crawly contraption cocoons its victim inside a giant motorized scorpion that offers lots of adjustment for playing/working/sleeping for hours on end. It's a hardcore setup that'll cost hardcore gamers $3,299, on top of which they'll need to add their own PC components to make for a gaming rig unlike any other.

Like the Acer Predator Thoronos and Thronos Air, the Cluvens Scorpion gaming cockpit can hold you and your PC hardware for the ultimate immersive experience. This rig is meant to look like a giant scorpion that can fit up to three 27" monitors or one ultra-wide 49-inch display at the tip of its tail.

Cluvens says that the motorized chair can recline up to 170 degrees for comfort, which along with the electrically controlled desk and legs can transform the scorpion from a laid back creature to a predator that's ready to sting.

Cluvens has also listed a variety of poses for this contraption, specifying angles for the screen, backrest and seat to go along with browsing, working, playing games, watching videos and even sleeping. The adjustable zero-gravity chair is meant to relax and help with posture, whether sitting or lying down, while the integrated massage and heating function should only prolong your stay inside the scorpion.

The high-carbon steel rig also comes with prebuilt, swappable HDMI/DisplayPort cables for connecting the displays and features 16 RGB LED strips in the chassis, which alongside other functions, can be controlled via a remote control fitted on the left armrest.

The scorpion has a net weight of 120 kg / 265 lbs and measures 65 inches long, 47 inches wide and 82 inches tall when fully extended, so buyers can expect the six-legged rig to take up quite some space. Cluvens is currently taking orders that ship within 3-6 weeks at $3,299 apiece with tax and shipping included, while a few sellers on China's Alibaba have it listed for around $2,000.

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The basic premise is actually quite ergonomic but the execution is totally hidious. Wonder if anyone's done a more tasteful version of this?


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I already have a desk with a foot stool, and also a bed with a large TV at the foot of it. I'm not sure this really is adding anything much beyond that?

Now if was a fully enclosed pod; with light, temperature, and sound control; and maybe even suitable for outdoor installation so you're in effect adding another room to your house; I could see the value in it for folks who didn't already have good work/play spaces.


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I see myself stubbing my toe or hitting my shin at night on those legs and other pointy things that stick out.
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It's probably not going to sell in the U.S. market. it's from China, another national security concern! wink wink.


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Saw a .gif of this on Imgur, and I must admit I thought it was April fools already, someones, pipedream. Now it is my dream. Me wants.