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Feb 20, 2012
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  1. I have a gaming laptop. I been playing games on it for many months now (got it in July). All games on max settings have been running smoothly for me. Until today.

    Today I was playing a multiplayer game from 2006. The game is not demanding at all and my computer can easily run it. I never had any problems running this game. I played the game and then exited the game. Afterwards I went to do other stuff on my computer for 2 hours. Then I go to play my game again, but suddenly the game is running at really low FPS rates. It feels as if it is running at 15 FPS rate.

    In fact, I tried some other Steam games and they all were running slower than usual. I did nothing to my computer. I downloaded nothing. It was just like it always been. Except somehow the games started to run on low FPS rates. I suspect that maybe the low FPS rates is a problem from the Steam servers, but as I only have Steam games on my computer I cannot check how non-Steam games run on my computer.

    I have no idea what this is. I figure that I should look for any changes in the computer. My computer seems to give me the following message every time I turn it on, " the AC adapter cannot be found, the battery may not charge". I never had this before.

    When I shut down the computer and turn it on I get this first message before Windows 7 loads. When I look at battery it says "85% avaliable, not charging". It seems that the computer is not charging my battery. Other than that all seems exactly as it was. Maybe this is irrelevant to my question, but I bring up anything that is suspect. Perhaps, the computer does not fully recognize the AC adapter and so it is operating on low resources - hence the low FPS rate. (Yes, I did at one point in those 2 hours unplug the power supply from my computer).

    What should I do?

    (By the way. Please do not tell me to run virus tests. I know it is standard on this forum for members to tell others to run a virus test, but I know for a fact my computer is clean. I go to secure websites all the time and always am up to date with my anti-virus program. I know that cannot possibly be a reason. Furthermore, in that 2 hour interval I only been using secure safe websites, such as Gmail, so I know I could have not possibly picked up a virus. I just say this because I really do not want to run all these anti-virus tests, and downloading them, for several hours only to show that I was clean all along).
  2. LinkedKube

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    You need to post the specs of this machine please.
  3. HiJackThis1.99

    HiJackThis1.99 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 92

    Actually I fixed the problem.

    I messed around with the power cord until it my computer said "recharging" and then the problem went away and everything is back to normal. Do you have any idea what this was?
  4. mailpup

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    You might have an internal break in the power cord.
  5. HiJackThis1.99

    HiJackThis1.99 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 92

    What does that means? And it is bad? Because now that I readujsted the power supply everything is running smoothly as it was.
  6. Buckshot420

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    I've had this happen before along with 80% of the people I know that have mid-end laptops. The problem starts off just as it is and exponentially gets worse. I don't know if it is simply the AC adapter or the plug in the laptop as I wasn't about to pay the $200 to have it fixed. This is why I stick to desktops.
  7. ikesmasher

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    basically when the computer is not charging it automatically slows itself down. So the problem was with your charger or:
    the spot in the laptop that you plaug the charger into is loose.

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